Fact or Fiction: Week 16

Will the Pats make the AFC title game? That's one issue our experts debate heading into Week 16.

Updated: December 23, 2004, 6:05 PM ET

Everyone has opinions about what will happen during the NFL season. And the predictions will either prove to be true or false.

So we've made four bold statements and asked our ESPN experts -- former NFL players Merril Hoge and Mark Schlereth-- whether or not they believe the statements will eventually become fact or fiction.

On which side of the fence do they sit? Click on the links below for their answers.

The Eagles will still represent the NFC in the Super Bowl
Merril Hoge
Fact: The one aspect that's been forgotten in this entire situation is the presence of coach Andy Reid. He's an excellent designer of offenses and he'll make the right moves to keep this team explosive. This offense must be explosive to be successful because of the team's poor run defense. I expect Reid to find a way to keep this team balanced and still be able to quickly score so that opposing teams can't grind it out on the ground. Another reason why the Eagles should still make the Super Bowl is because of the poor conference they are in. The NFC simply isn't that good and this team should still be able to handle the teams they face.
Mark Schlereth
Fact: The Eagles have home-field advantage in a weak conference and that may be all it takes for them to win. They still have some offensive weapons and they'll find a way to utilize them to make the Super Bowl. There's a sense of urgency on this team after falling in the NFC Championship Game three consecutive seasons. Quarterback Donovan McNabb will elevate his game and make this happen.