Fact or Fiction: Will Owens go for 100-yards?

Will T.O. catch 100 yards worth of passes? That's just one of the issues our experts debate in Fact or Fiction.

Updated: October 5, 2006, 2:38 PM ET

Everyone has an opinion about what will happen during the NFL season. And the predictions will prove to be either true or false.

So we've made four bold statements and asked our ESPN experts -- former NFL players Mark Schlereth and Merrill Hoge -- whether they believe the statements eventually will become fact or fiction.

On which side of the fence do they sit? Click on the links below for their answers.


Mark Schlereth
Fiction: QB Drew Bledsoe has already gone on record saying that Terry Glenn is the best receiver he's thrown to in his career. That pretty much means he's not going to go out of his way to make Owens the focal point of this offense. Also, coach Bill Parcells isn't going to put any one player over the needs of his team. So, while I expect Owens to be used in the offense, it'll be more as a decoy. The Cowboys know they need to control the middle of the field with tight end Jason Witten to create one-on-one situations downfield for Glenn.
Merrill Hoge
Fact: Against the Cowboys, the Eagles have more to worry about than Owens. When you factor in the Eagles' banged-up secondary, it equals a big day for Owens. Philadelphia has to worry about what running back Julius Jones is doing and how Drew Bledsoe is working the middle of the field with tight end Jason Witten. Dallas isn't all about Owens, and that's why he's going to have a big game.