Rookie Watch: Colt McCoy keeping up

Browns rookie Colt McCoy is a poised young quarterback.

Physically, there isn't much with McCoy to get real excited about, but he has shown that the speed of the NFL is not overwhelming to him -- and that in itself is a huge accomplishment for a rookie signal-caller. He has excellent feet and great functional movement skills.

Cleveland has a very underrated defense and a true power running game, so the Browns don't put a ton on McCoy's plate. And their offensive line is strong. But he also has very few threatening weapons. Actually, he might not have one true threatening weapon. But he continues to keep the chains moving and sustains offense.

Clearly, it is McCoy's starting job for the rest of the season. If he keeps up his play at this pace, the Browns should ignore the quarterback position in the draft. But they do need to get McCoy a talented No. 1-type wideout to mature with.

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