Rookie Watch: Pouncey looks promising

For the sake of this column, I went out of my way Monday night to really watch Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey. Early in the second quarter, Pouncey went down with a right knee injury, but he returned right before halftime as Steelers Nation breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Few centers in this league move as well or get to the second level as well as Pouncey. He is terrific at it and does it consistently. He is a natural knee-bender who also changes directions fluidly, which you see when he gets into space.

This guy is 21 years old. Rarely do centers enter the league and make a huge impact, as they have to deal with quick penetrators and massive nose tackles to go along with all the mental aspects of the position. Pouncey entered the league after his junior year in college. His body and power will continue to improve as he ages.

He is next in a long line of great Steelers centers. Pouncey's twin brother, Mike, will be a high pick in the next draft. With the success the Steelers have had with Maurkice, they should strongly consider adding his brother to play right guard, which is the weakest spot on Pittsburgh's offensive line.

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