Celebs split on which team to pick

Updated: February 4, 2006, 3:07 PM ET
By David Nielsen | Scripps Howard News Service

It's that time of year again -- time for the annual gridiron spectacle. No, not the Super Bowl, but the 17th annual Scripps Howard Celebrity Super Bowl Poll. The rich and famous from movies, TV, sports, politics and pop culture predict the winner of Sunday's Super Bowl.

The celebrity who picks the winning team and comes closest to predicting the final score wins the Scripps Howard Super Sage Award trophy.

JAMIE FOXX, actor/singer Pittsburgh. If you look at Pittsburgh's history, the way they play football, even when they were playing my team, the Dallas Cowboys, back in that time, they relied on defense, and defense wins championships.
BILL GATES, world's richest man Seahawks
JACK NICKLAUS, golfing legend Pittsburgh, 27-24
SEN. JOHN MCCAIN, R-Ariz. Pittsburgh by 10
SEN. JOHN KERRY, D-Mass. Pittsburgh. It's going to be a hgh-scoring game. 31-28. Why? Five words: Pittsburgh's own Teresa Heinz Kerry.
CONDOLEEZZA RICE, Secretary of State I picked Pittsburgh to beat Cincinnati. I have picked against them every game since. I'm not picking against them again. So I think I believe the Steelers are going to win it.
ANDRE AGASSI, tennis star Pittsburgh. It's hard not to get on the Pittsburgh train, isn't it? It seems like they have destiny on their side.
JENNIE FINCH, softball star Pittsburgh, 27-21. Terry Bradshaw played for them. He and my husband are from Louisiana. The Bus is headed back home to Detroit and they have luck on their side (uh um, the Colts game).
SASHA COHEN, Olympic figure skater Seattle
MARTINA NAVRATILOVA, tennis star Seahawks, 24-17. Because they have a better running game, because they will be so excited being there for the first time and because the Steelers will feel a lot of pressure wanting to win it for Bettis.
MARTINA MCBRIDE, country star Pittsburgh, 31-10
PLACIDO DOMINGO, opera star Pittsburgh, 31-21
SHAQUILLE O'NEAL, NBA star Pittsburgh, 31-17, because it's Jerome Bettis' time!
KOBE BRYANT, NBA star I'm such an Eagles man. Unfortunately, my Eagles aren't in it. No, you know what? Pittsburgh is in Pennsylvania.
LEBRON JAMES, NBA star Pittsburgh by 17, because they are the best road team in the NFL right now.
MARIO LEMIEUX, Former NHL star, Pittsburgh Penguins Pittsburgh. It's the hometown team and I've become a fan.
BILL O'REILLY, TV host, Fox News Channel Pittsburgh, 24-17
KEITH OLBERMANN, TV host, MSNBC Pittsburgh. Ben Roethlisberger keeps getting better and better. Plus, it's essential I pretend Seattle QB Matt Hasselbeck is still 7 years old, because otherwise the feature I did on his father -- the football player/artist -- for CNN actually aired 24 years ago, and I can't face that.
WOLF BLITZER, TV host, CNN Pittsburgh, 21-17. I like Pittsburgh. It reminds me of my roots; I am originally from Buffalo, N.Y.
DENNIS FARINA, actor, "Law and Order,'' 2005 Scripps Howard Super Sage Award winner Pittsburgh, 31-17. Their defense is a little better than everybody else's.
BOB WEIR, Grateful Dead guitarist, 2004 Scripps Howard Super Sage Award winner I'm reluctantly picking Pittsburgh because brutal, blue collar football almost always trumps high-end, sophisticated football. The 49ers were the great exception. I do think it'll be a pretty defensive game. 24-21
ARNOLD PALMER, golfing legend, 2003 Scripps Howard Super Sage Award winner Pittsburgh, 35-20. The Steelers have more depth, a great quarterback and the Bus
HALEY JOEL OSMENT, actor who has picked the last six Super Bowl winners Pittsburgh, 31-21
MICKEY ROONEY, actor Pittsburgh, 34-7. Great coach, great running backs and fullbacks
ED ASNER, actor Seattle, 24-21. I think they're coming in to their own, I think they're hungry. They've been waiting for a long time -- longer than Pittsburgh. They're on the West Coast and so am I, and I play favorites.
PHYLLIS DILLER, comedienne Pittsburgh is going to win by 8. I'm sure of myself. They're hot and I got a hunch.
KENDRA WILKINSON, Hugh Hefner's girlfriend, "The Girls Next Door'' Pittsburgh, 27-14. They have more to play for. They're going to play extra strong just for Jerome.
MAMIE VAN DOREN, legendary sex symbol My fearless forecast is Pittsburgh, 42-17, because they are blue-collar bad $$es.
SHIRLEY JONES, actress Pittsburgh, no question! It's my hometown. Steelers by 7.
FLORENCE HENDERSON, Carol Brady, "The Brady Bunch'' Pittsburgh. We were in Pittsburgh recently (for Polident). We went by the stadium a number of times. We thought that Pittsburgh was terrific.
BARRY WILLIAMS, Greg Brady, "The Brady Bunch'' Steelers, 42-38. They are used to the cold.
RUSSELL JOHNSON, The Professor, "Gilligan's Island'' Seahawks, without a doubt, by 6 points.
DAWN WELLS, Mary Ann, "Gilligan's Island'' Seattle, 24-21. I'm a University of Washington grad. I've got to go with them.
MISS USA CHELSEA COOLEY Pittsburgh, 23-20. I can't root for the team that knocked my guys (Carolina) out of the Super Bowl!
CHUCK YEAGER, first pilot to break the sound barrier Much as I hate to see them do it, I think Pittsburgh will win, 17-10.
GENE CERNAN, last man to walk on the moon Seattle, 31-24
REGIS PHILBIN, talk show host Seattle surprised me against Carolina. Their defense is better than I thought and so is Hasselbeck, but I think Pittsburgh is destined to win the Super Bowl. They are really in sync as they come out of the playoff games and should reach their peak Sunday. Besides, I love Jerome Bettis and Bill Cowher and the team, and the city of Pittsburgh. I hope they have something to cheer about on Sunday night. They deserve it!
BOB COUSY, Hall of Fame basketball star Pittsburgh has raised it to the next level. Seattle isn't tournament-tested as they say. 17-10.
BOBBY THOMSON, former N.Y. Giants baseball player who in 1951 hit "Shot Heard 'Round the World'' Pittsburgh, 24-17.
RALPH BRANCA, former Dodger who threw the famous pitch to Thomson Seattle, 24-20.
EDDIE MURRAY, Hall of Fame baseball star Pittsburgh, 24-21. They've been playing in so many tight games for the past two months, they know what it takes to win. Also, Ben Roethlisberger looks comfortable out there.
MIKE ERUZIONE, captain of 1980 U.S. Olympic gold-medal winning hockey team Pittsburgh, 24-21. They're so physical.
PICABO STREET, Olympic gold medalist in skiing Pittsburgh, 20-13. My mom would kill me if I didn't pick the Steelers.
AL OERTER, four-time Olympic gold medalist in discus Seattle, 17-10. They're due.
MIKE POWELL, world record holder, long jump Pittsburgh, 17-7. Offensively they know that the defense is their strength. So it takes the pressure off of the offense. So as long as they score 17+ points, then they know the defense will cover their back.
GARY STEVENS, Hall of Fame jockey Seattle, 31-17. I think they are the better team of the two. I have been a fan since I rode in Seattle in the 1980's.
KRISTINE LILLY, world-record holder for most international soccer games Pittsburgh, 24-17. I am pulling for the AFC team and to be honest, I don't really know any of the players on the Seahawks.
JERMAIN TAYLOR, boxer, World Middleweight Champ Pittsburgh, 24-17. I fought twice in Pittsburgh while coming up through the ranks and "the Bus's'' last stop is going to be a good one. Big Ben's impressive passing will continue.
SIDNEY CROSBY, NHL star, Pittsburgh Penguins Pittsburgh.
MARK CUBAN, owner, Dallas Mavericks/HDNet Pittsburgh, 28-17. When you have running, passing and the best defensive back in the history of the NFL, you are going to be tough to beat.
DICK VITALE, ABC/ESPN college basketball announcer Pittsburgh, 27-21. I'm a big fan of Notre Dame and I've always loved Jerome Bettis. Jerome gets to go home to Detroit. Bettis to lead the Steelers in the Super Bowl.
RYAN NEWMAN, NASCAR driver Seattle, 28-14. Seattle simply has the better team. There's a reason why Pittsburgh was the sixth seed.
MATT KENSETH, NASCAR driver Pittsburgh always gets a lot of hype for running the football, but if you've watched these two teams play lately, Seattle runs the ball a lot more effectively. Seattle, 20-17.
ALAN WEBB, America's fastest miler Pittsburgh, 28-24.
NATALIE COUGHLIN, Olympic gold medalist swimmer Steelers, 24-21. No team has ever made it to the Super Bowl from last seed with every playoff game on the road. Very impressive! I'm cheering for the Steelers because I want Jerome Bettis, who apparently is a great teammate and hard worker, to end his career on a high note.
NATE HOLLAND, 2006 Olympian, snowboardcross Seattle, all the way baby! I was born and raised in the Northwest. I hope they crush Pittsburgh's Super Bowl dreams. 24-20.
SCOTT ADAMS, Dilbert cartoonist Seattle, 35-24. The Seahawks, because their home field is closest to my home. If I've learned anything from sports fans it's that the team that's the nearest is the best one.
TY PENNINGTON, host, "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition'' Pittsburgh, 30-24. Because, like my show when the "Bus'' (Jerome Bettis) moves, big things happen. Move that bus.
RANDY JACKSON, judge, "American Idol'' Steelers by 3. It is their destiny.
STEVE CARELL, actor, "The Office,'' "40-Year-Old Virgin'' I guess that I'm taking Pittsburgh because I'm on a show that is based in Scranton, and to accommodate and to appease our viewers and lovers from the greater Scranton area, I think that it behooves me to pick Pittsburgh.
CHRIS KLEIN, movie actor Pittsburgh, 34-24. I would love to see Jerome Bettis win the Super Bowl in what may be his last season.
MARK MOSES, actor, "Desperate Housewives'' Seahawks, 31-28. Because my father-in-law wants to go to the Super Bowl, which he can't do because he can't really get around too well, and knowing I'll be there watching the whole thing combined with the Seahawks winning ... well, let's just say it will kill him and I'll have the last laugh.
JESSE L. MARTIN, actor, "Law and Order'' Pittsburgh, 21-20, because of the defense.
TONY SIRICO, actor, "The Sopranos'' Seattle, 24-21, because of their defensive backs.
WILLIAM SANDERSON, actor, "Deadwood'' Pittsburgh, 31-17. I love Jerome Bettis who reminds me of an 18-wheel truck looking for someone to hit.
MOLLY SIMS, actress, "Las Vegas'' Even though I'd like to see Seattle win because they've never even been to the Super Bowl before, I think Pittsburgh will ride the bus back home with the Lombardi trophy! 20-17.
JAMES LESURE, actor, "Las Vegas'' It's the Steelers all the way baby! I'm going with them because of that strong defense... It won't be a shut out, but I'd have to say the Steelers by two.
JUSTIN BERFIELD, actor, "Malcolm in the Middle'' Seattle, 35-21. I am always the guy who goes for the underdog and they are REALLY long overdue.
KEVIN SORBO, actor: Pittsburgh, 31-21 I want the Seahawks, but my gut says Steelers. They have the hottest team right now. Their offense is diversified and unpredictable, and their defense is just too tough.
ISAIAH WASHINGTON, actor, "Grey's Anatomy'' Pittsburgh, 27-17. I'm rooting for Jerome Bettis -- it's his last season!
ANTHONY LAPAGLIA, actor, "Without a Trace'' I remember the Iron Curtain years back, and so I'm kind of pulling for Pittsburgh.
LAURA INNES, actress, "E.R.'' I have to go for Seattle.
MIRANDA LAMBERT, country music star Go to Vegas and place your bets because Seattle will win! Because Seattle has the best passing game and running game in the league. And because Pittsburgh can't stop Shaun Alexander! 24-17.
VINCE NEIL, Motley Crue lead singer Pittsburgh, 21-7. Toughest team, better defense.
JOAN JETT, rock star Pittsburgh, 31-14. Because I was born in Pennsylvania. I lived in Pittsburgh until I was six. Go Steelers!
TOM SCHOLZ, rock star, Boston If the Patriots aren't playing, can they really call it a "Super Bowl?'' Anyway, I'd guess 24-7, Steelers. Seattle must be thoroughly depressed after two months of non-stop rain.
LANCE BASS, singer, NSYNC Seattle, 27-23. I like that they're the underdogs.
ROB VAN WINKLE, aka VANILLA ICE I am picking Seattle , even though Pittsburgh will be tough. I think this one will be a exciting game going all the way to the end -- maybe overtime -- not some lame blow out. I just wish my Miami Dolphins were there. Maybe next year. Go Fins and always remember the '72 Dolphins.
SUSAN ANTON, entertainer I love the "Bus'' and would love to see him get his Super Bowl ring before he retires. The Steelers have been on fire these past few weeks, but in the end I have a feeling that the Seahawks are going to be triumphant in their first ever Bowl appearance. Seattle, 31-28.
SCOTT TUROW, author Pittsburgh, 19-17. I guess I think they're a little sounder defensively.
CHRISTOPHER KENNEDY LAWFORD, author Pittsburgh, 27-24. I have been an AFC fan ever since the Patriots were the Boston Patriots. Loved the Pittsburgh Steel Curtain in the '70's.
SEN. MARIA CANTWELL, D-Wash. The Seahawks have had an amazing season and fans have lived up to our legendary 12th man status. The Steelers are a formidable foe, but I'm putting my money on the Hawks.
SEN. ARLEN SPECTER, R-Pa. I agreed with (Terry) Bradshaw following the Steelers rout of the Denver Broncos when he said he didn't care whether it was the Seahawks or Carolina, the Steelers were going to whoop them.
NEWT GINGRICH, former Speaker of the House Pittsburgh, 34-24. I was born in Harrisburg, Pa. and rooted for the Steel Curtain when they were dominant.
REP. JOHN MURTHA, D-Pa. Pittsburgh, 21-7. Why? Strength of the defense.
REP. TOM TANCREDO, R-Colo. Steelers, 27-16. If they beat the Broncos, they'll crush the Seahawks.
DR. JAMES DOBSON, Focus on the Family Pittsburgh, 33-21. Why? Demonstrated superior ability to run and pass -- and the moxie to win.
DR. JERRY FALWELL, Moral Majority Coalition Seattle. You can put your money on it.
TAMMY FAYE BAKKER MESSNER Pittsburgh, 28-21. Best coach.
GEORGE WALLACE, comedian Pittsburgh, 28-21. Because the hype is up for them because of Jerome Bettis. They're hot. But Shawn Alexander is going to put on a great show for Seattle.
LEROY NEIMAN, artist Pittsburgh is on a roll but Seattle is putting together a dynasty. Seahawks, 34-21.
ROSHUMBA WILLIAMS, model/TV personality I'd have to go with Pittsburgh, 35-21. I was born in Pennsylvania and have to take it home.
CAT CORA, chef, Food Network Pittsburgh, 28-21. I have a lot of loyalty and family pressure to root for Pittsburgh and I think Pittsburgh really wants to win it. It's been 26 years!
BOBBY FLAY, chef, Food Network Pittsburgh, 20-17. The Steelers are more playoff seasoned. They have a lot of experience in big games.
KEVIN BRAUCH, TV host, Fine Living's "The Thirsty Traveler'' Pittsburgh, 37-17. Look at the history: five appearances, four victories, Three Rivers Stadium, the Immaculate Reception, the working-class ethic of this team ... I grew up with this team in the '70s and now it's all about THE BUS!
PENN JILLETTE, Penn & Teller Pittsburgh, 21-17. My wife's family is from there and this is a cheap, painless way to get in good with them. My wife is all excited about her "ORIGINAL'' terrible towel.
CARROT TOP, comedian Pittsburgh, 31-24. I would love to see "The Bus'' win. And I would love to see the coach smile .. that alone is worth it. If they win they could put their logo on the other side of their helmet.
JUDY TENUTA, comedienne The Steelers have the advantage, but the Seahawks have never won so I'm going to go for them. Besides, they have cuter butts. 24-21.
TED GIANNOULAS aka SAN DIEGO CHICKEN Sorry Seattle, a chicken cannot favor a hawk of any stripe. Besides, has anyone noted the Steelers have lost only 3 road games in the last two years? Even a bird-brain can do the math on this -- Pittsburgh wins, 29-20.

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