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Sunday, Jan. 6
Chadiha: First look at the NFC divisional round
Here's Jeffri Chadiha's early look at the two NFC divisional round games, Seattle at Green Bay and the Giants at Dallas.

Saturday, Jan. 5
Garber: The Pack's YAC attack
This season Brett Favre learned to relax and trust his teammates, particularly a receiving corps that excels with gaining yards after the catch. That's one of the reasons behind the team's resurgence.

Clayton: Holmgren's cool head, new play make difference
In Seattle's NFC wild-card playoff win over Washington on Saturday, Mike Holmgren showed in five plays why he's probably the most dangerous coach in the playoffs, John Clayton writes.

Mosley: Wild-card Saturday observations
Saturday in Seattle, the Redskins' defensive adjustments almost were enough to upset the Seahawks. Later in Pittsburgh, Jacksonville's David Garrard overcame a shaky start with fancy footwork at the finish.

Friday, Jan. 4
Clayton: NFL shifting to wide-open passing attacks
What do the top seeds in this year's playoffs have in common? An elite passing attack, which is becoming a prerequisite for success, writes John Clayton.

Sando: Instant replay's playoff history
The lines between "reviewable" and "nonreviewable" plays as instant replay applies remained murky this regular season, presenting the prospect of more historic controversy this postseason, Mike Sando writes.

Thursday, Jan. 3
Horton: Predicting every playoff matchupInsider
Scouts Inc.'s Gary Horton offers his playoff predictions, from this weekend's Wild Card games all the way through Super Bowl XLII.

Scouts Inc. breaks down the playoff fieldInsider
Scouts Inc.'s Gary Horton breaks down each of the 12 playoff teams and what they must do to have success in the postseason.

Wednesday, Jan. 2
Sando: Playoff mantras
A strong playoff team needs to run the ball well and be able to stop the run -- or does it? Mike Sando measures that "truth" and others against recent NFL playoff teams to get a handle on the postseason.

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