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Thursday, Jan.31
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Garber: Closing the gap between Brady and perfection
What drives Tom Brady?'s Greg Garber discovers the insecurities that make for greatness in the Patriots quarterback.

Clayton: Super Bowl First and Goal
The Patriots have not scored fewer than 20 points this season, so expect Plaxico Burress' prediction to fall short, John Clayton writes.

Garber: Injured soldier provides inspiration for Giants
The Giants have received inspiration and perspective from an Army vet who lost both legs in Iraq, writes Greg Garber.

Chadiha: Giants better off without Shockey? Not quite
Even though the Giants' offense has functioned quite nicely without the injured Jeremy Shockey, New York would love to have its star tight end in the lineup Sunday, writes Jeffri Chadiha.

E-ticket: Who is this guy?
You don't know his face -- but he might be the biggest secret behind the Patriots' success.

Helyar: Triumphs and trials for Goodell's NFL
Roger Goodell has much to crow about when he sums up the state of the NFL on Friday in Arizona. But's John Helyar says there are challenges lurking around the next corners, too.

Pasquarelli: Pats' crucial cameos
Every NFL team talks about getting players to fit into its philosophy. No one succeeds at it more often, though, than New England does.

Super Bowl: Number Crunching
An improved passing attack has fueled the Giants' postseason success. That's why the Patriots would be wise to blitz more than New York's previous postseason foes. Football Outsiders crunches some numbers.

Scouts Inc. Both Giants, Patriots running wildInsider
The Giants' running game is one of the league's best, but surprisingly, New England's is dangerous too. How they fare in Super Bowl XLII may be the key to the outcome.

Horton: Notes from the film room (Day 4)Insider
After a week in the film room, Scouts Inc.'s Gary Horton has some advice for the Giants and Patriots on Super Bowl Sunday.

Wednesday, Jan.30
Fleming: Cardinals/Pottsville curse
The Cardinals have one NFL playoff win since 1947. Some think their run of bad luck stems from a controversial league title "stolen" years ago, David Fleming writes.

Pasquarelli: Patriots' silent sentinel
Dante Scarnecchia is the only coach in Patriots' franchise history to be a member of all six Super Bowl teams. Yet few know the offensive line coach, and that's the way he likes it, Len Pasquarelli writes.

Sando: Brady isn't best-ever QB ... yet
While seven seasoned evaluators placed Tom Brady solidly in the top 10 quarterbacks of all time, Johnny Unitas consistently ranked higher than any other QB, Mike Sando writes.

Chadiha: Greatest QBs by the decade
Jeffri Chadiha ranks the best pro quarterbacks in each decade.

Klancnik: Best quarterbacks by jersey number
Is Terry Bradshaw the best QB to wear No. 12? Or is it Tom Brady? Rudy Klancnik ranks the quarterbacks by jersey number.

Wojciechowski: Unflappable Eli
With all the pressure on Eli Manning to win big as the Giants' quarterback, he should have melted. Instead, he crystalized. And he hasn't changed his poker face, Gene Wojciechowski writes.

Merrill: Worlds collide
Domenik Hixon's season started with a collision that temporarily paralyzed Kevin Everett. It will end in Super Bowl XLII.

Thompson: Moss now has a desire that just won't quit
One year after "quitting" on the Raiders, Randy Moss has become one of the NFL's most unstoppable players. Wright Thompson explains the change.

Hill: Right on, Randy
Randy Moss was right to quit on the Oakland Raiders, because the Raiders quit on him, writes Jemele Hill.

Chadiha: Giants' rookies playing prominent roles
The Giants found some serious talent in the 2007 draft, and their impressive crop of rookies could very well make the difference in Super Bowl XLII, writes Jeffri Chadiha.

Clayton: Youth serving Giants well
After two disappointing trips to the playoffs, the Giants made a conscious decision to get younger. The move has been a key factor in New York's surprising run to the Super Bowl, writes John Clayton.

Scouts Inc. QB Tale of the TapeInsider
Sure, Tom Brady will have the advantage going head-to-head against any QB, but don't count out Eli Manning in Super Bowl XLII.

Horton: Notes from the film roomInsider
After a week in the film room, Scouts Inc.'s Gary Horton has some advice for the Giants and Patriots on Super Bowl Sunday.

Tuesday, Jan. 29
Pasquarelli: Fine country for old men
When he's building linebacking units, Bill Belichick favors the tried and true -- even if they happen to be some other team's free agents.

Helyar: Eli is about to make his marketing pitch
From Peyton's sidekick to a marketing star in his own right. Along with a Super Bowl ring, that's what's at stake for Eli Manning on Sunday, writes's John Helyar.

Garber: Junior's missing achievement
What's left for Junior Seau, the linebacker who seemingly has everything? After 18 seasons, the quest for that missing Super Bowl ring is the thing.

Pasquarelli: Bruschi's full-circle journey
Nearly three years ago, Tedy Bruschi suffered a stroke that imperiled not just his career but his life. The former University of Arizona star's comeback continues in suburban Phoenix with his fifth Super Bowl appearance.

Scouts Inc. Are Giants' DBs overmatched or underrated?Insider
It seems like a mismatch: New England's high-powered air attack against the suspect Giants secondary. But maybe it's not.

Scouts Inc. Super Bowl XLII animated plays
Scouts Inc. watched the film and diagramed how a few plays we're bound to see in Super Bowl XLII work so well.

Chadiha: Giants' Pierce has priorities in order
A respected leader who craves winning more than the limelight, veteran LB Antonio Pierce is arguably the most essential player on the Giants' defense, writes Jeffri Chadiha.

Monday, Jan. 28
Wojciechowski: Look to Cleveland to understand Belichick
So much of who and what Bill Belichick is today as head coach of the fabulously successful Patriots can be retraced to who and what he was as head coach of the mostly unsuccessful Browns, Gene Wojciechowski writes.

Sando: Seymour in the thick of the action, controversy
Teammates say he plays to win. Opponents say he's dirty. Whatever the case, Richard Seymour always seems to make his presence felt, writes Mike Sando.

Yasinskas: Snee's deep roots
Chris Snee, 26, is a starting guard for the Giants and son-in-law of coach Tom Coughlin. He'll be on center stage in the Super Bowl. But, in a lot of ways, Snee never left tiny Montrose, Pa.

Helyar: Recession? Not at the Super Bowl!
The Dow is down and the economy is fading, but there's no such thing as a recession at the Super Bowl in Arizona, writes's John Helyar.

Scouts Inc. A tale of two underrated linesInsider
The Patriots and Giants offensive lines don't get noticed very often, but considering they're two of the best in the league, they should.

Horton: 10 things to watch in Super Bowl XLIIInsider
Scouts Inc.'s Gary Horton runs down 10 things to look for on Super Bowl Sunday.

Horton: Notes from the film roomInsider
After a week in the film room, Scouts Inc.'s Gary Horton has some advice for the Giants and Patriots on Super Bowl Sunday.

Sunday, Jan. 27
Pasquarelli: Latest angle on the ankle: Brady will play
Tom Brady and the Patriots arrived in Arizona on Sunday night and quickly eliminated any discussion on whether he's too injured to play in the Super Bowl, writes Len Pasquarelli.

Merrill: Welker a perfect fit for Patriots
Nine years after college football shunned him, four years after the San Diego Chargers cut him, Wes Welker is a megastar headed for the Super Bowl with the New England Patriots, writes's Elizabeth Merrill.

Garber: Plaxico's game-time precision
Plaxico Burress' chronically painful ankle has kept him on the sidelines for the majority of Giants practices this season. But even skeptics have to admit he's proved to be a great "gamer," Greg Garber writes.

Pasquarelli: Patriots keeping Marquise Hill's memory alive
The memory of fallen teammate Marquise Hill remains strong among Patriots players, especially DE Jarvis Green, writes Len Pasquarelli.

Clayton: Giants' juggling act at corner works
Because of injury or quality of play, the Giants have juggled five starting cornerbacks this season. And guess what? They aren't worried about it, John Clayton writes.

Saturday, Jan. 26
Wickersham: Giants' Don'ts (and one 'Do')
What works against the Patriots? There's nothing foolproof. But here are some things the Giants should not do, Seth Wickersham writes.

Friday, Jan. 25
Jaworski: Six Super Surprises
Ron Jaworski reveals six surprises he found while watching tape of the Super Bowl teams.

Fleming: Defining greatness
The Patriots' quest for a perfect season has David Fleming wondering how (or if) you define greatness.

FB Outsiders: Giants one of worst teams to reach SB
The Giants are one of the worst teams to reach the Super Bowl, according to Football Outsiders.

Thursday, Jan. 24
Scouts: Ranking every player in Super Bowl XLII
After ranking all 106 players in Super Bowl XLVII, Tom Brady is a no-brainer at No. 1, but who rounds out the top 10?

Helyar: 'Patriots Premium' will drive TV ratings
Forget the regional matchup and the huge point spread.'s John Helyar says the presence of the Patriots will make this Super Bowl a ratings bonanza.

Clayton: Super Bowl First and Goal
What elements could help make this the most-watched Super Bowl in history? John Clayton outlines 10 hype magnets.

Chadiha: Giants' glory road
Here are 10 reasons the Giants, who won just three games at home, have been thriving when they stray away from familiar surroundings.

Wednesday, Jan. 23
Joyner: Brady throwing caution to the wind Insider
Tom Brady appears to have ditched his safe ways for a gunslinger's approach. Lately, the results have been troubling, writes KC Joyner.

Merrill: Woodley drifted after football
He was a loner and a drinker, and although he did his job on the football field, Dolphins quarterback David Woodley never could escape his demons. As's Elizabeth Merrill writes, Woodley hated the Super Bowl pressure and shunned the spotlight.

Tuesday, Jan. 22
Clayton: Eli's managing just fine
Whether his critics like it or not, Eli Manning did enough good things in three playoff games to get the Giants to the Super Bowl -- and to be considered a franchise quarterback, John Clayton writes.

Chadiha: Giants looking doggone good
The Patriots have more than 10 times the Super Bowl-playing experience of the Giants. But New York seems to have the focus to make this rematch a rival to their Dec. 29 near-upset of the Pats.

Simmons: Finally, some hardware for LT and Tiki
Bill Simmons hands out his awards from the NFL's conference championships and looks ahead to Super Bowl XLII.

Ranking Super Bowl starting QBs 1-40
From Joe Montana to Tony Eason, ranks the Super Bowl starting quarterbacks from 1-82.

Ranking Super Bowl starting QBs 41-82
From Joe Montana to Tony Eason, ranks the Super Bowl starting quarterbacks from 1-82.

AccuScore simulation: Pats poised to beat Giants
The Giants might be able to keep it close, but they don't have enough working in their favor to beat the Patriots, according to AccuScore simulations.

Monday, Jan. 21
Merrill: Questions linger about Randy Moss' postseason
In two postseason games, Randy Moss has just two catches. How does he feel about it? We don't know because he's not talking, Elizabeth Merrill writes.

Thompson: Call it Lambeau South
At a bar in Brett Favre's hometown of Kiln, Miss., the locals rode the roller coaster of the NFC title game.

Sunday, Jan. 20
Chadiha: First look at the Giants-Patriots Super Bowl
Here's Jeffri Chadiha's early look at Super Bowl XLII between the New York Giants and New England Patriots.

Wojciechowski: Whatever it takes, Patriots win
Win Super Bowl XLII -- and they will -- and the Patriots will have no peer, no point of comparison, Gene Wojciechowski writes.

Pasquarelli: Patriots offense shows it can grind out a win
Everyone is awed by the Patriots' passing game, but it was the running game that proved to be the difference in the AFC title game, writes Len Pasquarelli.

Clayton: Unstoppable Burress buries Pack
Plaxico Burress was unstoppable, Eli Manning was efficient and Giants players who appeared to be on the verge of mutiny a year ago fought through adversity to beat the Packers, John Clayton writes.

Thursday, Jan. 17
Garber: Coughlin's startling makeover remains intact
Those waiting for a relapse after Giant coach Tom Coughlin's startling personality makeover last year have been sadly disappointed, Greg Garber writes.

Tuesday, Jan. 15
Chadiha: Surprising Giants stand united
A team in turmoil at the start of the season, the Giants managed to bond as a group and now stand one victory away from an improbable Super Bowl berth, writes Jeffri Chadiha.

Pasquarelli: Pick your Pats poison
Chargers' defensive checklist: Stop Randy Moss. Check. Limit Wes Welker. Check. Well, that leaves San Diego just three other headaches when Tom Brady passes, Len Pasquarelli writes.

Sunday, Jan. 13
Chadiha: Manning maturing at right time for Giants
Three weeks ago, Eli Manning was one of the Giants' biggest question marks. Now, he's the biggest reason they're one win from the Super Bowl, writes Jeffri Chadiha.

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