Clayton: Ware dominated on defense

Texans WR Andre Johnson and Falcons RB Michael Turner dominated on offense; no one tried to throw on Raiders CB Nnamdi Asomugha. Getty Images

Having one of the 50 All-Pro votes for The Associated Press, I am asked annually to cast my ballots as soon as the regular season ends. It's a huge honor that puts pressure on me to make the right choices.

By contrast, my ESPN.com All-Pro choices have given me the luxury of taking some extra time to make some modifications. The AP asks us to balance our selections to make sure we try to get the top right tackle or right guard. With my ESPN.com choices, I'm using the Pro Bowl policy at a couple of positions, so if you see two left tackles, understand that I'm rewarding the best players at offensive tackle, period.

Here are my All-Pro picks:

ESPN.com All-Pro Offense

ESPN.com All-Pro Defense

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