Fact or Fiction: Randy Moss

Randy Moss is now the best WR in the NFL.

Updated: August 30, 2004, 3:59 PM ET

As part of ESPN.com's season preview package, we'll have two of our experts debate an issue everyday for Fact or Fiction. Today's Fact or Fiction statement: Randy Moss is now the best WR in the NFL.

Fact or Fiction: Randy Moss is now the best WR in the NFL.
Mark Schlereth
Mark Schlereth

If you were going to pick one receiver to start a franchise it would hands down be Randy Moss. There's nobody in the NFL who can touch Moss in terms of speed, athleticism, grace and making the tough catch. As far as blocking he pales in comparison to players like Hines Ward and Marvin Harrison, but as far as the total package goes he's clearly the No. 1 guy in the NFL.
Joe Theismann
Joe Theismann

There are too many great receivers out there to just name one. Moss is an amazing talent and a great player, but there are players like Marvin Harrison, Chad Johnson and Chris Chambers who are just as important to their teams. Also, when talking about the best receiver you have to include everything about them not just their receiving skills. You have to discuss blocking, effort and other intangibles and that's why I can't say Moss is the top receiver in the game.