How does Young drive defenses crazy?

Every team has one play that is the best in its playbook. Scouts Inc. knows why that play works.

Updated: August 27, 2008, 1:26 PM ET
By Scouts Inc. |

The Titans' offense revolves around QB Vince Young, so it's no surprise its best play puts the ball in his hands and lets him create. Scouts Inc. watched the film and diagramed why Young drives defenses crazy.

Best play catering to Young's strengths
This is a play that Young ran successfully in college at Texas, and is one that plays to his strengths. It gives Young the freedom to run or throw with fairly easy reads, while putting a lot of pressure on opposing defenses. He has four options during this play and he only has to read half the field.

Best play catering to Young's strengths
Titans: Best play catering to Young's strengths

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