Updated: January 24, 2013, 8:54 AM ET

Post-draft grade: B-

Summary: Buffalo fans might view this re-assessment as a little harsh. From a fan's standpoint, you can say the team landed starters at a few spots, which ostensibly means they drafted well. The flipside is you have to consider if those players are starting on a better team. Take second-round pick Cordy Glenn for example. I really liked Glenn, and he was a regular on my Big Board last year, but I had questions about whether he could be an effective left tackle due to a lack of quickness. Well, he started there for Buffalo this season, and held up reasonably well against low expectations, but the tape shows a player that wasn't among the top 20-25 left tackles in the NFL. Should he remain there? We still need to find out. But he wouldn't start there for most teams. Nigel Bradham also became a starter at linebacker, but that's a weakness for Buffalo, a team that couldn't stop anybody from running. T.J. Graham came on a little late in the year, and could be a good player for the offense. Stephon Gilmore could be a good one, but had major trouble with penalties. No obvious sleepers here. The grade stays basically the same as we hope this class shows more.

New grade: C+