Updated: January 24, 2013, 11:27 PM ET

Post-draft grade: C+

Summary: Despite getting a very good player in Morris Claiborne, this draft looks worse after a full season. You can't just say the trade up to get Claiborne at No. 6 was a brilliant move, because that's analyzing the pick in a vacuum. In terms of overall value, the Cowboys got Claiborne at the cost of a valuable second-round pick. So while the fact that Claiborne is a good one is a credit to Dallas, he also came at the cost of a pick that would likely turn into a starter. (Dallas has landed Bruce Carter, Sean Lee and Anthony Fasano in Round 2 in recent years.) And beyond Claiborne, there isn't much here. Tyrone Crawford looks like a depth addition, and Kyle Wilber isn't a future starter. The one guy you might point to is James Hannah, who caught 8 passes and showed some upside down the stretch. But overall, the draft is about Claiborne, a very good player, but one who came at a cost. I just can't say there's anything here of significance beyond that selection.

New grade: C