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Monday, April 21, 2003
Updated: April 23, 4:34 PM ET
Ten years of Cincinnati drafts

The Bengals dismal recent history can be traced in large part to their failures in the NFL draft. Remember Ki-Jana Carter? What about Dan Wilkinson? The Bengals had back-to-back No. 1 picks in 1994 and 1995, something that could have provided the team with a foundation for the future. Instead, Carter was a bust, and while solid, Wilkinson was hardly the dominant force the Bengals expected him to be.

Since 1992, Cincinnati has never chosen lower than 14th overall -- including nine top-10 and two overall No. 1 picks -- and the names do not inspire a Hall of Fame buzz: David Klingler, John Copeland, Wilkinson, Carter, Willie Anderson, Reinard Wilson, Takeo Spikes, Akili Smith, Peter Warrick, Justin Smith and Levi Jones.

Below are all the players the Bengals selected in the draft from 1992-2001 (it's too soon to criticize or praise the 2002 draft) along with the seasons they played in Cincinnati.

1992 draft
  • QB David Klingler (1st round, No. 6) and S Darryl Williams (1st round, No. 28): With the first of their two first-round picks in the 1992 draft, the Bengals selected Klingler with the No. 6 overall pick. After putting up prolific numbers in college in Houston's Run-and-Shoot offense, Klingler never found success in the NFL. He played just four seasons in Cincinnati, playing in 31 games and throwing 16 TDs and 21 INTs, before finishing his career with the Raiders. Second-round pick Carl Pickens was clearly the most successful of all the players Cincinnati selected in the 1992 draft.
  • WR Carl Pickens (2nd round, No. 31): 1992-99
  • DB Leonard Wheeler (3rd round, No. 84): 1992-96
  • LB Ricardo McDonald (4th round, No. 88): 1992-97
  • TE Craig Thompson (5th round, No. 115): 1992
  • DT Chris Burns (6th round, No. 142)
  • OT Lance Olberding (7th round, No. 172)
  • DE Roosevelt Nix (8th round, No. 199): 1992-93
  • RB Ostell Miles (9th round, No. 226): 1992-93
  • DB Horace Smith (10th round, No. 256)
  • OT John Earle (11th round, No. 283)
  • LB Eric Shaw (12th round, No. 310): 1992-94
  • 1993 draft
  • DE John Copeland (1st round, No. 5): Copeland played eight seasons in Cincinnati, recording just 24 sacks in 107 games over that span. Of all the players selected in the 1993 draft, tight end Tony McGee (2nd round) had the longest career, spending nine seasons in Cincinnati before joining the Dallas Cowboys for the 2002 season.

  • TE Tony McGee (2nd round, No. 37): 1993-2001
  • LB Steve Tovar (3rd round, No. 59): 1993-97
  • DT Ty Parten (3rd round, No. 63): 1993-95
  • CB Marcello Simmon (4th round, No. 90): 1993
  • CB Forey Duckett (5th round, No. 117): 1993
  • OG Tom Scott (6th round, No. 148)
  • DB Lance Gunn (7th round, No. 175): 1993
  • K Doug Pelfrey (8th round, No. 202): 1993-99
  • 1994 draft
  • DT Dan Wilkinson (1st round, No. 1): While a solid NFL player, Wilkinson was hardly the dominating force the Bengals envisioned when they made him the No. 1 overall selection in the draft. Wilkinson was traded to the Redskins prior to the 1998 draft for a first- and thrid-round pick. Of the rest of the players selected in 1994, Darnay Scott had the most productive career in Cincinnati, playing for eight seasons with the Bengals. Steve Shine, selected in the third round, didn't even make the team.
  • WR Darnay Scott (2nd round, No. 30): 1994-2001
  • RB Jeff Cothran (3rd round, No. 66): 1994-96
  • LB Steve Shine (3rd round, No. 86)
  • DB Corey Sawyer (4th round, No. 104): 1994-98
  • OT Trent Pollard (5th round, No. 132): 1994-95
  • DE Kimo Von Oelhoffen (6th round, No. 162): 1994-99
  • OT Jerry Reynolds (6th round, No. 184)
  • DE Ramondo Stallings (7th round, No. 195): 1994-98
  • 1995 draft
  • RB Ki-Jana Carter (1st round, No. 1): For the second straight season the Bengals had the No. 1 pick in the draft and it turned out to be a nightmare. Carter blew out his knee in the preseason before his rookie year and from there his NFL career was a series of injuries and disappointments. Carter spent five seasons in Cincinnati, amazingly, the most of any player selected in the 1995 draft.
  • OT Melvin Tuten (3rd round, No. 69): 1995-96
  • S Sam Shade (4th round, No. 102): 1995-98
  • WR David Dunn (5th round, No. 139): 1995-97
  • OT Ryan Grigson (6th round, No. 175)
  • QB John Walsh (7th round, No. 213): 1995
  • 1996 draft
  • OT Willie Anderson (1st round, No. 10): The Bengals hit with their first-round pick in the 1996 draft, picking Willie Anderson. Anderson started 10 games as a rookie and has started all 94 games he has played in since. No other players from 1996 draft remain on the team.

  • TE Marco Battaglia (2nd round, No. 39): 1996-01
  • OT Ken Blackman (3rd round, No. 69): 1996-98
  • DE Jevon Langford (4th round, No. 108): 1996-01
  • S Greg Myers (5th round, No. 144): 1996-99
  • LB Tom Tumulty (6th round, No. 178): 1996-99
  • OT Rod Jones (7th round, No. 219): 1996-00
  • 1997 draft
  • DE Reinard Wilson (1st round, No. 14): While Wilson remains with the Bengals, he has to be considered a disappointment as a first-round pick. Had his best season in 2000, recording nine sacks. However, in his six-year career, Wilson has just 24 sacks. Best pick in the 1997 draft was RB Corey Dillon. Selected in the second round, Dillon has rushed for over 1,000 yards in each of his six seasons.
  • RB Corey Dillon (2nd round, No. 43): 1997-present
  • C Rod Payne (3rd round, No. 76): 1997-99
  • S Tremain Mack (4th round, No. 111): 1997-00
  • DT Andre Purvis (5th round, No. 144): 1997-99
  • LB Canute Curtis (6th round, No. 176): 1997-present
  • DT William Carr (7th round, No. 217)
  • 1998 draft
  • LB Takeo Spikes (1st round, No. 13) and Brian Simmons (1st round, No. 17): One of Cincinnati's more successful drafts, Spikes and Simmons are above-average NFL linebackers. However, Spikes was lost in the offseason when the Bengals failed to match the offer he signed with the Bills. Draft also produced CB Artrell Hawkins, LB Steve Foley and OG Mike Goff who are all starters.
  • CB Artrell Hawkins (2nd round, No. 43): 1998-present
  • LB Steve Foley (3rd round, No. 75): 1998-present
  • OG Mike Goff (3rd round, No. 78): 1998-present
  • DT Glen Steele (4th round, No. 105): 1998-present
  • WR Jason Tucker (6th round, No. 167)
  • RB Marcus Parker (7th round, No. 202)
  • TE Damian Vaughn (7th round, No. 222)
  • 1999 draft
  • QB Akili Smith (1st round, No. 3): With Tim Couch and Donovan McNabb off the board, the Bengals picked QB Akili Smith with the No. 3 overall pick. Needless to say, draft day has been the highlight of Smith's career in Cincinnati. Smith started four games as a rookie, 11 games in 2000 and just two since. Has thrown just five TD passes and 13 INTs in his NFL career. Amazingly, Smith is the only player from the 1999 draft still on the team.
  • CB Charles Fisher (2nd round, No. 33): 1999-00
  • S Cory Hall (3rd round, No. 65): 1999-02
  • WR Craig Yeast (4th round, No. 98): 1999-00
  • FB Nicolas Luchey (5th round, No. 135): 1999-02
  • DT Kelly Gregg (6th round, No. 173)
  • OG Tony Coats (7th round, No. 209)
  • QB Scott Covington (7th round, No. 245): 1999-01
  • DT Donald Broomfield (7th round, No. 249)
  • 2000 draft
  • WR Peter Warrick (1st round, No. 4): Originally considered a possible candidate for the top pick in the 2000 draft, Warrick slipped a little due to questions about his speed. However, the Bengals grabbed him at No. 4, believing they got a steal. While Warrick has been solid, he has never achieved the status that was expected of him. Third-round WR Ron Dugans had a productive third season and is in the mix to start this season.
  • S Mark Roman (2nd round, No. 34): 00-present
  • WR Ron Dugans (3rd round, No. 66): 2000-present
  • RB Curtis Keaton (4th round, No. 97): 00-01
  • CB Robert Bean (5th round, No. 133): 00-01
  • K Neil Rackers (6th rond, NO. 169): 2000-present
  • TE Brad St. Louis (7th round, No. 210): 00-present
  • 2001 draft
  • DE Justin Smith (1st round, No. 4): While Smith might not be the kind of defensive end that Julius Peppers will be, he's been a productive player in his two seasons in Cincinnati. As a rookie the former Missouri standout recorded 8½ sacks and followed that with a 7½ sacks season last year. Second-round pick Chad Johnson emerged last season as the Bengals' top receiver, catching 69 passes for 1,164 yards.
  • WR Chad Johnson (2nd round, No. 36): 01-present
  • TE Sean Brewer (3rd round, No. 66): 01-present
  • RB Rudi Johnson (4th round, No. 100): 01-present
  • OG Victor Leyva (5th round, No. 135): 01-present
  • LB Riall Johnson (6th round, No. 168): 01-present
  • WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh (7th round, No. 204): 01-present