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George Foster

OT | (6-5, 338, 5.25) | Georgia
By Pro Football Weekly

Notes: Redshirt in 1998. Top backup in '99 (one start) and 2000. Had his right ankle scoped in August of '01 but came back to start nine of 12 games. Dislocated his right wrist in a car accident in early August '02 and had pins placed in right hand. Came back to play later in the season with big cast over his right hand and wrist, making him a one-armed player until the the cast was removed at the very end of the season. Looked out of shape when he returned to the lineup and at the Senior Bowl.

Positives: King-sized offensive lineman with a giant wingspan who improves every year. Foster plays with a wide base and can play either left or right tackle. Athletic for his size with good body control and balance when he uses proper technique. Has good, quick feet and can shuffle his feet and slide. Very strong hand punch, although he wasn't able to punch or lock out most of last year due to injury. Can get a lot better. Can play and has played both tackle slots. Moves well and is one of the most athletic guys in the country at the position.

Negatives: Missed a good part of his senior year with injury, and then he was a third swing tackle when he returned. Limited exposure in '02. Still very raw and inexperienced. Lacks consistency and technique. Can bend but rarely bends his knees and gets low. Will often play way too tall. May be a tad stiff. Does not have great lower-body explosion. Is an inconsistent player who has lapses. Not a self-starter.

Summary: A gamble-on-greatness prospect with tremendous upside, but someone who never put it together in college and must get in shape to be effective at the next level.

* Player biographies are provided by Pro Football Weekly.