A look at some of your Top Line picks

12/20/2006 - NHL

The polls are closed and the votes are in. Here's a breakdown of some of your Top Line picks (numbers designate overall finish in voting):

• Your pick: 1. Mario Lemieux-Wayne Gretzky-Gordie Howe
• Burnside's breakdown: It's hard to argue with this trio as the greatest fantasy line of all time. Great size and exemplary skill on the sides and Gretzky getting the puck to two of the sport's finest pure goal scorers. Even having Lemieux playing out of his normal position at center won't hurt this group. These guys could play keep-away for as long as they wanted before scoring. The scary thing about this trio is that they can score with finesse, or simply use Howe's natural strength to bull their way through traffic to score ugly just to change things up.

• Your pick: 2. Bobby Hull-Gretzky-Howe
• Burnside's breakdown: This line features Hall of Famers playing at their normal positions. There's something to be said for Howe powering his way through opponents in the corner and dishing the puck to Gretzky behind the net, and The Great One feathering a pass for Hull to rip top shelf. You can almost see it, can't you? OK, so there's not much in the way of natural speed here, but, with talent like this, speed, schmeed!

• Your pick: 3. Howe-Gretzky-Lemieux
• Burnside's breakdown: OK, let's have two of the greatest of all time play out of position and see what happens. Bet Lemieux and Howe don't mind. Plus, this will give Gordie a chance to batter wingers and defensemen on the other side of the ice for a change.

• Your pick: 5. Maurice Richard-Gretzky-Howe
• Burnside's breakdown: We like this one if only for the fact it pits two great rivals in Howe and Richard on the wings with Gretzky divvying up the glory (and perhaps keeping his wingers from braining each other).

• Your pick: 6. Lemieux-Gretzky-Mark Messier
• Burnside's breakdown: I'm partial to a line featuring Messier, even if he has to give way to Gretzky at the center position. Swapping out Howe for Messier isn't much of a downgrade as the two both possessed that marvelous combination of strength, skill, speed and a healthy dose of nasty.

• Your pick: 45. Alexander Ovechkin-Sidney Crosby-Jaromir Jagr
• Burnside's breakdown: This line appeared well down the list, but we make note if only for the fact it's something we could well see at the All-Star Game next month in Dallas. Bet Western Conference goalies won't like it much.

A couple of combos we would have liked to see on the list?

• How about Brett Hull and Bobby Hull flanking Gretzky? Father and son, and Gretzky, a guy who played with Brett and gave him his last job in the NHL.

• Crosby-Gretzky-Howe. Howe was something of a mentor and idol to Gretzky, and it was Gretzky who early on anointed Crosby as the youngster who might someday break The Great One's many records. We let Gretzky play center because of his seniority, but we figure he'd defer to Crosby, who's a natural center.

• Ovechkin-Crosby-Evgeni Malkin. We know Malkin's a center by trade (and not on our original 50 list). But heck, for a chance to play with good pal Ovechkin and Pittsburgh teammate Crosby, we know Malkin will make the small sacrifice to move to the wing. This is another combo we could see at the All-Star Game next month.

Scott Burnside is the NHL writer for ESPN.com.