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NHL, players' union reaches agreement in principle
An all-night bargaining session stretched well into Wednesday morning as negotiators from the NHL and the players' association tried to put the finishing touches on a new collective bargaining agreement.
Hradek: Key terms of NHL agreement
E.J. Hradek, with the help of key sources on both sides of the table, looks at the expected terms of the new NHL agreement.
NHL, union continue talks, schedule Tuesday meeting
Negotiators from the league and the players' association met for the eighth straight day, marking the 10th consecutive week that talks have been held. The latest round of discussions wrapped up around 9:30 p.m. and more talks were scheduled for Tuesday.
Roenick: Think players are greedy? Stay home
Jeremy Roenick has some advice for hockey fans who blame the NHL lockout on players' greed: Once it's finally settled, stay home.
NHL, union wrap up meetings, will resume next week
The NHL and the players' association wrapped up five days of labor negotiations Friday, slowly moving toward an agreement that will end the lockout.
Mario: Players should have taken owners' old CBA offer
Mario Lemieux said NHL players are all but certain to get a much worse deal in the soon-to-be-approved labor agreement than they would have gotten by accepting the owners' offer in February.
Report: After CBA finalized, Rangers could buy out Holik
Bobby Holik wants to be part of the Rangers' rebuilding program, but he might not get the chance to be.
Keep talking: NHL, players end another round of talks
The NHL and its players' union held another small group session of contract discussions Monday, making slow progress in hopes of ending the ninth-month lockout.
NHL, players' association to meet again Monday
Nothing has been resolved yet, but the NHL and the players' association are continuing to talk.
Report: Sides in NHL lockout agree on salary-cap system
The two sides in the NHL lockout have agreed on a salary-cap system, eliminating the biggest stumbling block to the resumption of play next season, the Toronto Globe and Mail reported on its Web site Wednesday.
Report: Bettman wants new deal soon, or else
Two league sources told the Ottawa Sun that NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has said the league wants a new collective bargaining agreement by mid-June or there "may be no point in having a season."
Burnside: Sounds of silence
Although the league and union claimed they made progress during this week's talks, the lack of information about what actually happened is worrisome.
Orr to leaders: End lockout or get out of way
Bobby Orr wants NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and players union executive director Bob Goodenow to ``get out of the way'' if they can't solve the impasse that led to the cancellation of the NHL's season.
Owners back off replacements
The NHL won't start next season on time if a new collective bargaining agreement hasn't been reached with the players' association.
Bettman: Olympic participation looks unlikely
Prospects for NHL players taking part in the 2006 Olympics are dwindling because of the ongoing lockout, commissioner Gary Bettman said Friday.
Gretzky won't coach replacement players
Wayne Gretzky is interested in coaching the Phoenix Coyotes. But not if the NHL uses replacement players in 2005-06.
Bettman, Goodenow meet amid NHL optimism
After meeting privately for more than an hour Thursday evening, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and his players' association counterpart Bob Goodenow are expected to speak sometime next week and set a new date for the next round of negotiations for a new co
Draft aside, NHL GMs optimistic after meetings
After months of heated discussions with the players' association, NHL general managers ended two days of meetings bickering among themselves.
GMs, players discuss possible rules changes
Thirty GMs and selected players met for more than six hours at a suburban Detroit hotel Thursday, discussing possible rules changes designed to add more scoring punch to an increasingly defensive-oriented game that has been halted by labor strife.
Union rejects proposals during 7-hour meeting
The players' association rejected proposals made by the NHL and the two sides met for seven hours Monday.
NHL files set of complaints against NHLPA
The NHL has filed a second complaint against the NHL Players' Association with the National Labor Relations Board on Monday, according to TSN of Canada.
NHL to file second complaint against NHLPA
The NHL wants the players' association to disavow reports it is threatening to decertify agents should they represent replacement players.
NHL files unfair labor practice complaint vs. PA
The league filed an unfair labor practice complaint against the union with the National Labor Relations Board earlier this week regarding the subject of replacement players.
NHL cancels draft
Its season already called off, the NHL on Thursday canceled its 2005 entry draft that had been scheduled for June in Ottawa.
Board could discuss using replacements
The board of governors April meeting is believed to be a forum for commissioner Gary Bettman to outline a plan to use replacement players in 2005-06 should a new CBA not be reached in the near future.
Red Wings' owners apologize for loss of season
The owners of the Detroit Red Wings apologized in full-page newspaper ads for the loss of the NHL season.
Gretzky: Negotiations going back to square one
Wayne Gretzky saw firsthand how far apart NHL players and owners are from the end of the lockout. And when the sides get back to the bargaining table, either Thursday or Friday, they will be beginning anew.
Players accept owners' offer to meet this week
The NHL Players' Association accepted an invitation from the league to return to the bargaining table later this week.
Lockout over salary cap shuts down NHL
The NHL canceled what little was left of the season Wednesday after a series of last-minute offers were rejected on the final day of negotiations.
Burnside: Sunk season ... and feelings
If there was one common emotion from across the NHL after the cancellation of the 2004-05 season, it was a feeling of regret.
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