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LeBrun: Clash of the competitive captains

None other than Wayne Gretzky is a big fan of the leadership styles of Stanley Cup finalist captains Jonathan Toews and Steven Stamkos.

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4hCraig Custance

Custance: Polling players at media day

TAMPA, Fla. -- Chicago Blackhawks backup goalie Scott Darling was sitting right in the middle of the media day circus. He didn’t have to deal with the crush of cameras and questions that Jonathan Toews did behind him or Patrick Kane did to his right, but somewhere near him was a guy doing interviews with a GoPro camera and selfie stick and some other guy trying to get a Conn Smythe vote.

4hScott Burnside

W2W4: Lightning vs. Blackhawks, Game 1

The Lightning will try to reverse their home-ice woes and the Blackhawks will be looking for a fast start when the Stanley Cup finals get underway.

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6hSean McIndoe

McIndoe: Ultimate Cup final preview

Breaking down all the biggest factors as the Hawks and Bolts get ready to face off, including which team wins the ever-important Old Guy Without A Cup category.

SC Conversation: Steven Stamkos (2:04)
SportsCenter's Inside the NHL (11:23)
Levy and Melrose: How to celebrate a championship (2:14)


Why John Buccigross is picking Tampa Bay

At 6-foot-7 big Ben Bishop covers up more net than most goalies, making it smaller for shooters. It's that math that has the SportsCenter anchor picking the Lightning in 7. Nine finals thoughts

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Pittsburgh Penguins @penguins

There is no doubt that Malkin has a competitive spirit - on or off the ice. For more on Geno’s season, check out penguins.nhl.com


Championship common bonds

The Warriors and Lightning are both seeking a title, but that isn't the only similarity they share. Both teams can shoot lights out, defend and lean on leadership from their top players. That's not all


Stanley Cup Finals: Lightning-Blackhawks

It’s been a long journey for the Lightning organization to get back to the pinnacle (or at least very near the pinnacle) and they won’t have an easy time of it with the Blackhawks, who are looking for their third championship since 2010. W2W4

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