Henry part of first 2-goalie rotation

WINNIPEG, Manitoba -- Sugar Jim Henry, an NHL goaltender for
three teams during a 14-year career and a member of the league's
first two-goalie rotation, died at age 83.

Henry, who played for the Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks and
New York Rangers between 1941 and 1955, died Thursday in his hometown of
Winnipeg, the NHL said Monday.

Henry played in 406 NHL games, with a record of 161-173-70 and a
goals-against average of 2.87.

With the Rangers in 1945-46, Henry and Chuck Rayner formed the
NHL's first goaltending platoon. They would not only alternate
games, but alternate periods -- and sometimes they'd switch during
line changes.

"We weren't crazy about that system," Rayner once said. "But
we were roommates and best friends, so we lived with it."

Rayner died in 2002.

The Rangers traded Henry to Chicago in 1948 for Emile Francis
and Alex Kaleta.

Samuel James Henry was nicknamed Sugar Jim because of his love
for brown sugar.