Prosecutor argues Danton flight risk if released

Updated: May 20, 2004, 2:51 PM ET
Associated Press

EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. -- St. Louis Blues forward Mike Danton was "too cowardly" to kill his agent himself, instead enlisting the help of a teenage fan and lover before the scheme unraveled, a prosecutor alleges.

In a sharply worded brief seeking to keep Danton behind bars, Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephen Clark also expressed concern that Danton, if freed, could continue seeking to have agent David Frost killed.

"His attempts to have Frost murdered on prior occasions evidence an ebb and flow of desire," Clark wrote. "If he is released, it is possible that he will again attempt to have Frost murdered, apparently depending on how his relationship with Frost fares in the future."

Danton's attorney, Bob Haar, did not return messages Thursday.

A federal judge could decide during a hearing Friday whether Danton gets released on bond pending trial. Danton has been jailed since his arrest April 16.

Clark called Danton's flight risk "substantial," saying the athlete presumably has the cash to easily slip into his native Canada.

Danton is accused of conspiring with 19-year-old Katie Wolfmeyer to arrange a hit April 14 at Danton's apartment in Brentwood, Mo. Authorities say the man they tried to hire to kill Frost went to Columbia, Ill., police, who informed the FBI.

"Too cowardly to commit the murder himself, Danton enlisted the help of a teenager to arrange the murder," Clark wrote, describing Wolfmeyer as a "fan and occasional lover of Danton."

Danton and Wolfmeyer have pleaded innocent.

The FBI says Danton was concerned that his intended target planned to go to the Blues with information that could damage his career. Frost has said he urged Danton to get help for his use of painkillers and sleeping pills and his erratic behavior.

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