Still no date set for arraignment

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Todd Bertuzzi's assault case
was adjourned for two weeks after a minute-long hearing Friday.

Prosecutor Garth Loeppky said he hopes to get an arraignment
date when the case resumes July 22.

Bertuzzi, who plays for the Vancouver Canucks, was charged with
assaulting Colorado's Steve Moore during a game.

Bertuzzi was not required to attend the hearing, and his lawyer,
Len Doust, said he didn't know if Bertuzzi will be in court in two

Doust would not comment on what plea Bertuzzi might enter.

"I can't tell you that," Doust said. "That's privileged
information. That's Mr. Bertuzzi's information, not mine."

Bertuzzi was suspended indefinitely by the NHL, missing 13
regular-season games and seven postseason games, losing nearly
$502,000 in salary, following his blind-side punch to Moore's head
on March 8 in Vancouver.

Moore was hospitalized with three fractured vertebrae, facial
cuts, post-concussion symptoms and amnesia. Nerves in the neck area
were stretched.

It was not known then when, or if, the Colorado Avalanche center
would play again.

Bertuzzi has not been seen in public since Vancouver's playoff
game April 19, after which Canucks players presented game-worn
sweaters to selected fans. Bertuzzi received a huge ovation when he
walked onto the ice wearing his No. 44 sweater over a shirt and
tie. He hugged a fan, waved to admirers and went back in the
dressing room.