Wolfmeyer, character witnesses speak up for her

Originally Published: September 17, 2004
Associated Press

EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. -- The defense finished presenting its case Friday morning at Katie Wolfmeyer's trial, as lawyers questioned the 19-year-old's mother, church youth minister and a family friend.

The three witnesses described Wolfmeyer as a law-abiding, honest young woman in a federal court in East St. Louis. They spoke of how the community college student worked three part-time jobs.

Lawyers are expected to recall witnesses Friday afternoon, with closing arguments planned for Monday.

Wolfmeyer is the alleged accomplice of former St. Louis Blues player Mike Danton, who has already pleaded guilty and faces sentencing next month.

Both are accused in an April plot to kill Danton's agent, who was not hurt.

Before the defense testimony wrapped up Friday, Wolfmeyer accused the FBI of conspiring against her.

Federal prosecutor Stephen Clark tried to point out several inconsistencies in her testimony.

Wolfmeyer has testified she was not aware that Danton was trying to arrange the killing of agent David Frost. But FBI agents have testified she was aware of the plot and was a willing participant.

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