Tanguay: I wish he was on my team

KELOWNA, British Columbia -- Shane Doan is no stranger to
Todd Bertuzzi.

The Phoenix Coyotes forward has had his share of tussles over
the years with Bertuzzi, the rugged Vancouver Canucks forward who
was recently reinstated to the NHL following a long suspension.

But this week has been a relief for Doan, who found himself on
the same line as Bertuzzi during Team Canada's Olympic orientation

"He's a big man,'' Doan said. "You never want to be caught in
his tracks.''

Doan and Bertuzzi have played wing on a line centered by Brad
Richards of the Tampa Bay Lightning. The unit has worked well
together, with Bertuzzi setting up Richards for a goal during
Thursday morning's scrimmage.

"I've always enjoyed his (Richards) skill and what he brings
out there,'' said Bertuzzi, who was reinstated last week after
serving a 17-month suspension for his on-ice attack of former
Colorado Avalanche forward Steve Moore.

Alex Tanguay of the Avalanche also spent some time on the line
Thursday. It was soon apparent Tanguay held no hard feelings toward

"I wish he could be playing in Colorado with me,'' Tanguay
said. "He has such a big presence. He can hold onto the puck and
slow down the game to his pace. With his size and strength he can
play a little bit different game than anybody else.

"It fun to play with a guy like that. It gives you more time to
get open and more time to do your thing.''

Doan and Bertuzzi are cut from the same mold. At 6-foot-2 and
216 pounds, Doan is an inch shorter and about 30 pounds lighter
than Bertuzzi, but he still can deliver crunching hits.

"We're pretty much similar,'' said Bertuzzi, sweat dripping off
his bearded face. "We're both strong guys. He's very gifted with
the puck and can make the same play down low as myself.''