NBC to air risque ad with scantily clad woman

9/27/2005 - NHL

NEW YORK -- Despite objections from Martha Burk, NBC said it
was going ahead with plans to air an NHL commercial showing a
bare-chested player being dressed by a scantily clad woman.

Burk, chairwoman of the National Council of Women's
Organizations, said the ad was offensive. Burk led an unsuccessful
effort to allow female members at Augusta National three years ago
and is stepping down as chair of NCWO on Nov. 1.

NBC said it had no problem with the spot, which first appeared
last week on the NHL's Web site, and planned to air it on its NHL
preview show Saturday.

"We've viewed the spot and find nothing objectionable," NBC
Sports spokeswoman Alana Russo said Tuesday.

The ad is among a five-part "Inside the Warrior" series
produced for the league. NHL spokeswoman Bernadette Mansur said the
ads will also run on Comedy Central, MTV and VH1.

Burk said the NCWO plans to write letters of protest to NHL
commissioner Gary Bettman and Dick Ebersol, chairman of NBC
Universal Sports & Olympics.

"One person's objectionable is another person's bottom line,"
Burk said. "I think it's shortsighted of them, but it's not

Opening night for the NHL is Oct. 5, when all 30 teams will be
in action following the season-long lockout.