Forsberg hopes to begin skating by weekend

Peter Forsberg Forsberg

After choosing to see a specialist regarding his groin injury, Peter Forsberg received good news Tuesday.

Forsberg was examined by William Garrett at Duke University Medical Center and it was determined that the Flyers star has nothing more than a groin strain.

Forsberg could begin skating this weekend, but Flyers trainer Jim McCrossin said in a statement Tuesday that the team does not know when Forsberg will return to the lineup. Forsberg has already missed two games since reaggravating the injury on Jan. 25.

"I'm very, very pleased with the results," Forsberg was quoted as saying on the Flyers' official Web site. "We got down here to get a second opinion and to make sure nothing else is going on with these groin strains, and there's nothing else going on. It feels good that I can get back and start skating again."

Forsberg added that if he feels healthy enough, he still plans to play for Sweden in the Torino Games.

Said Forsberg: "If I feel good until the Olympics and everything feels fine, and if I don't re-injure it or nothing like that, then there should be no problem going over and playing in the Olympics."