The last time the Blues were out of the playoffs ...

Updated: April 14, 2006, 9:52 PM ET
By Joy Russo |

The year was 1979.

It marked the last time the Blues were not in the NHL playoffs. So much has happened since then, so we figured we'd take you down memory lane.

Here's how the world looked all those years ago ...

• Gordie Howe was still playing as a 51-year-old winger with the New England Whalers.

• Wayne Gretzky had not yet begun his NHL career.

Blues' Vicious Circle
The Blues will miss the playoffs for the first time since 1979, ending one of the longest streaks in sports. Scott Burnside takes a look at the state of St. Louis:

• Blues historic run comes to an end: The Blues historic run is coming to an end and the team is at rock bottom. And that's exactly where the team was when The Streak began in 1979.

• Where do they go from here: So what do the Blues do now? With fan attendance down and no playoffs, new ownership's choices will dictate the team's future.

• The last time the Blues out of the playoffs: We take a trip down memory lane and look at the year 1979. What happened during that the year that marked the last time the Blues were out of the playoffs.

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• There was still a World Hockey Association.

• Barry Melrose was a teammate of Mark Messier's on the Cincinnati Stingers of the WHA.

• Mullets were in fashion.

• The NHL had 17 teams.

• The top grossing film was "Superman: The Movie," starring Christopher Reeve.

• "Kramer vs. Kramer" won five Academy Awards, including best picture.

• The United States was in the middle of its second oil crisis (the first came in 1973).

• On July 12, there was "Disco Demolition Night," an anti-disco promotional event for a Chicago rock station involving exploding disco records with a bomb. It caused a near-riot between games during an MLB doubleheader, forcing the cancellation of the second game.

• Sid Vicious, a member of the legendary punk rock band The Sex Pistols, died of a heroin overdose on Feb. 2, shortly before he was set to go on trial for the murder of his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen.

• Willie Mays was voted into the Hall of Fame on Jan. 23.

• "Y.M.C.A.," by the Village People, was the best-selling single.

• Ironically, another top single that year, the Bee Gees' "Tragedy," didn't turn into a seventh-inning theme song for the New York Yankees.

• And finally … On Sept. 7, ESPN begins broadcasting sports 24/7.

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