Deal approved to keep Anaheim in Ducks' name

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Days before the Mighty Ducks were to
change their name to the Anaheim Ducks, the City Council approved
an agreement guaranteeing the word "Anaheim" can't be eliminated
from the franchise.

The Ducks officially become the Anaheim Ducks on Thursday.

The agreement, unanimously approved on Tuesday, follows the
embarrassment earlier this year when the city failed to keep
Angels' owner Arte Moreno from changing his team's name from the
Anaheim Angels to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

The deal promises that either the city-owned Arrowhead Pond of
Anaheim or at least one team playing there will always have the
city's name in its title.

The Pond's sponsorship agreement with Arrowhead Mountain Spring
Water is up for renewal in September. Because the hockey team
changed its name, the Pond management could remove the city's name
from the stadium title if they choose.

"I think we're pretty happy the city broadened the amendment,"
said Bob Wagner, the Pond and Ducks senior vice president.

The City Council voted last month to appeal the jury's verdict
in the Angels case.