Report: Jagr might not be ready for Rangers' opener

Jaromir Jagr, who is recovering from surgery in May to repair a dislocated left shoulder, might not be ready to play in time for the New York Rangers' season opener, according to a report Thursday in The Star-Ledger of Newark, N.J.

"It's hard to say," Rangers coach Tom Renney told the newspaper. "He's feeling really good. But we'll defer to the medical people and take their advice."

The Rangers open the regular season Oct. 5 at home against the Washington Capitals.

Renney said Jagr, who had hoped to play in all of the Rangers' preseason games, needs more time to recover.

"There's a timeline -- there's a definitive timeline [with this surgery]," Renney told The Star-Ledger. "Unless they open it up and look and see that everything's fine, or unless they do some spectacular MRI that suggests everything's fine, it's healed, it's strong. So we have to pay attention to the timeline -- just to play it safe. It's such a huge investment to all of us. We need him bang-on healthy."

When asked by the newspaper if he thought he would be ready for the season opener, Jagr said, "I don't know.

"I hope so. The only ones that can stop me are the doctors."