With fans coming back, most teams hike ticket prices

Updated: October 6, 2006, 9:30 PM ET
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NEW YORK -- Fans have come back to the NHL. And now they're going to be paying for it.

2006 NHL Ticket prices
TeamTixRnkFamily 4Rnk
Boston$56.44 3$327.772
New Jersey$54.675$327.66 3
Vancouver$58.961$325.00 4
Philadelphia$55.66 4$314.15 5
Minnesota$51.37 7$293.986
NY Rangers$45.8312$284.83 7
Edmonton$51.76 6$283.658
Calgary$47.35 9$282.609
Los Angeles$45.98 10$271.42 10
Florida$44.28 13$271.1211
Toronto$49.52 8$271.0712
Tampa Bay$44.27 14$265.09 15
Detroit$43.13 18$261.5116
NY Isles$44.01 16$255.77 17
Columbus$44.08 15$243.31 18
Nashville$40.78 19$242.6319
Colorado$38.48 20$235.9120
Washington$38.15 21$230.6122
Chicago$34.88 25$225.5223
San Jose$33.00 26$219.0024
Carolina$37.91 22$217.62 25
Pittsburgh$36.61 23$216.9626
Anaheim$30.32 27$210.77 27
St. Louis$28.23 29$197.3928
Buffalo$30.0728$187.29 29
Phoenix$25.41 30$181.6230

Led by the Stanley Cup champion Carolina Hurricanes, more than half the league's teams have raised ticket prices, including 10 of them by more than 5 percent.

The results were released Friday by Team Marketing Reports, which also found that a family of four will pay an average of $258 for a game this season.

Carolina tickets now average $38, an increase of 45 percent over last season, the first since the NHL returned from a lockout that cost the league the 2004-05 season.

Still, that makes a Hurricanes ticket a good value. The average price around the NHL rose nearly 4 percent to $43.

The Florida Panthers bumped up prices 29 percent after they were only one of six teams to raise prices last season. Stanley Cup runner-up Edmonton, Calgary, Nashville, Boston, Dallas, Montreal, Philadelphia and Ottawa also raised their prices by more than 5 percent.

The Phoenix Coyotes' average price of $25 is the league's lowest. Right behind them are the St. Louis Blues, who dropped prices by 29 percent under new ownership.

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