Nieuwendyk, Perreault tops on the dots


ANAHEIM - Anonymous: Joe Nieuwendyk

ATLANTA - Jeff Cowan: Ron Francis

BOSTON - Travis Green: Yanic Perreault
"Yanic's very good."

BUFFALO - Chris Taylor: Steve Yzerman
"If I'm going to be really honest, I should say my brother (Tampa Bay's Tim Taylor) because I've never beaten him, but overall, I'd have to say it's Steve Yzerman. He can beat you forehand or backhand and he's always ready for a shot. A lot of guys grab the stick way down low and pull it back, but he can do it either way and so you have to be aware that he might beat you with a shot (as well as a draw). I think he's the best."

CALGARY - Craig Conroy: Yanic Perreault
"He's really good. He cheats quite well. He gets down low when he's in there, with his centre of gravity and he's quick. With Perreault, the numbers are there and I remember watching him in our game last year and he seemed really good. Who else? There's a bunch of guys who are good. Nieuwendyk is very fast. Yzerman is very good. (Kris) Draper's good because he gets low, too. A few of the linesmen are holding the puck out this year instead of dropping it. I like when they throw it down. It seems like they're dropping it a little slower, so it's different things like that affect it. I remember (Wayne) Gretzky used to take it right out of the air. He'd just pick it off before it hit the ground."

CAROLINA - Kevyn Adams: Mats Sundin
"He's really improved over the years. As a righty going against a righty, he's so powerful it's tough to get inside on him."

CHICAGO - Anonymous: Yanic Perreault
"Very strong on his stick."

COLORADO - Anonymous: Joe Nieuwendyk

COLUMBUS - Anonymous: Mike Modano
"I don't care what his percentage is, if I need a big faceoff win, that's the guy I want."

DALLAS - Pierre Turgeon: Steve Yzerman
"He's really good, especially at the end of games,"

DETROIT - Kris Draper: Mike Sillinger

EDMONTON - Marty Reasoner: Todd Marchant
"Todd Marchant has always given me trouble. Every team has one really good guy."

FLORIDA - Olli Jokinen: Joe Nieuwendyk

LOS ANGELES - Eric Belanger: Adam Oates

MINNESOTA - Anonymous: Bobby Holik

MONTREAL - Anonymous: Joe Nieuwendyk
"He has been good, year in and out, because of his size and long reach."

NASHVILLE - Greg Johnson: Yanic Perreault
"The statistics every year say it's Perreault. I usually have more trouble with right-handers."

NEW JERSEY - Erik Rasmussen: Rod Brind'Amour
"Rod Brind'Amour. He's always been tough. There are a couple of good ones, like Yanic Perreault, who is good with his stick, and Chris Gratton, but if I had all three guys and had to go with one it would be Brind'Amour. The key stat for faceoffs is defensive zone wins."

N.Y. ISLANDERS - Dave Scatchard: Adam Oates
"Adam Oates always gave me fits, he's really owned me. One game against him, I think he won every faceoff, and I asked him if he'd just let me win one. I couldn't figure him out. I watched him on tape once and he was getting every puck before it even hit the ice. You know how hard that is? He's the one, for me."

N.Y. RANGERS - Petr Nedved: Ron Francis
"I've always thought Ron Francis is the toughest."

OTTAWA - Todd White: Rod Brind'Amour
"To me, he's just a guy who can be tough. He can take faceoffs both ways and I bet you it's tougher for him to have a strong percentage because he takes so many faceoff. He's a guy who is good at it."

PHILADELPHIA - Keith Primeau: Joe Nieuwendyk
"Joe Nieuwendyk. Maybe it has something to do with his lacrosse playing days (at Cornell)."

PHOENIX - Mike Sillinger: Joe Nieuwendyk
"Joe Nieuwendyk. He's got incredibly strong hands and you're lucky if you just win a few against him."

PITTSBURGH - Mike Eastwood: Steve Yzerman
"He might not be the best statistically, but if I had to have one guy win a
draw, offense or defense, he'd be the guy."

ST. LOUIS - Jamal Mayers: Joe Nieuwendyk
"Joe Nieuwendyk. I have difficulty with him. He and Steve Yzerman -- they're guys who have been doing it well year after year after year. And they do it in all situations. That's important. Other guys have their situations or always want it on their forehand."

SAN JOSE - Vincent Damphousse: Yanic Perreault

TAMPA BAY - Brad Richards: Rod Brind'Amour

TORONTO - Joe Nieuwendyk: Yanic Perreault
"He has a quick stick and he gets that left hand right down there really low. He also has that big wooden paddle and that makes it tough."

VANCOUVER - Trevor Linden: Keith Primeau
"He's so big and strong and long. Plus he's a left shot which gives me

WASHINGTON - Jeff Halpern: Eric Belanger
"He has really quick hands and seems to find a way to swoop through first and get to the puck."

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