In the crease: Turco & Aebischer

Updated: April 21, 2004, 2:44 PM ET
By Darren Pang |

Marty Turco
Dallas Stars
David Aebischer
Colorado Avalanche
He beats you... with his tenacity in the net. He will do whatever it takes to stop the puck. He is a very good reader of the play, knowing how it develops. He will two-pad stack, butterfly or do the half-splits, so a shooter isn't so sure what he will do on any given play. He has good hands as a goalie so pucks around him will be gloved, dropped and played by one of the best puckhandlers of our generation.

You can beat him... by getting in his face and challenging his temperament, as was the case when he received the four-game suspension for the high stick on Ryan Smyth. As with any other good goalie, you have to get these guys moving side to side.
He beats you... with some quick legs and aggressive pushing from side to side. He pushes to his sides and uses percentages once he gets there, so he is good when he keeps his upper body erect on the move. He is a competitive player who keeps it all in perspective, which will have to continue in his first playoff action as a starter.

You can beat him... when his balance is off, lunging forward and leaving the upper part of the net exposed. That is where the top finishers in the game found room on him as the season went along.

Darren Pang, a former goaltender with the Chicago Blackhawks, is a hockey analyst for ESPN.

Darren Pang joined ESPN2 as an NHL game analyst in September 1993. He also works select ESPN National Hockey Night playoff contests and ABC Sports' telecasts. Pang played for the Blackhawks and was named to the All-Rookie team in 1987.