In the crease: Vokoun & Joseph, Legace

Updated: April 21, 2004, 2:44 PM ET
By Darren Pang |

Tomas Vokoun
Nashville Predators
Manny Legace
Detroit Red Wings
He beats you... with his leadership in the net. The players follow and play hard for him. He catches with his right hand, and that can be confusing for right-handed shooters who like to go high glove. He doesn't do any one thing all the time. He can "lean" on a shot from the wing or he can butterfly when you are straight ahead. He has good hands and is smart at playing the puck.

You can beat him... by being more patient. He has a tendency to over-commit on certain plays, which leads to him being out of position. He has played a lot of hockey, so the more pucks at him the better.
He beats you... in net with his explosive reflexes and athletic movement. He plays bigger than he is because he keeps his upper body high. He is not overly aggressive but maintains strong positioning on top of his crease while being smart at distributing the puck to his defense.

You can beat him... by getting bodies in front, crashing the net. He has been getting knocked around the net plenty this year but has gotten himself up off the mat. Shooters will go high because of his low crouch.
  Curtis Joseph
Detroit Red Wings
  He beats you... with his uncanny ability to make saves when he appears to be beat. He still has good reflexes, although he doesn't rely on them like in years past.

You can beat him... when he's out of position. His positioning has to be good, as he has lost some mobility with the bad ankle. He likes to help out his "D" and makes quick, short passes to help the transition.

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