In the crease: Brodeur & Esche, Burke

Updated: April 21, 2004, 2:46 PM ET
By Darren Pang |

Martin Brodeur
New Jersey Devils
Robert Esche
Philadelphia Flyers
He beats you... with his reputation. He is a winner, and he has a presence and calmness in the net and in the room. He beats you by making that one save that can turn the momentum of the game. He has a great glove and a number of different ways to make a save; he doesn't rely on just one move, nor does he just play percentages. He is the best puck handler, and he reads the play developing better than anyone.

You can beat him... by boring him to death. He likes to be active. You can't just put pucks on net without a purpose, he gets in the game that way.
He beats you... with his positioning and competitiveness in the net. He doesn't give up on the play, and his legs have an imposing look to them, giving the shooter the impression there isn't much there. He is a good puck handler and can clear the zone high off the glass.

You can beat him... through the legs. He has given up several goals down the stretch this way.
  Sean Burke
Philadelphia Flyers
  He beats you... with an imposing presence in the net. He keeps his hands up in good position and has long legs to cover the low part of the net. He is good at "beating the pass" in anticipation of a pass across the crease. He is a leader on the ice, directing traffic for his defensemen.

You can beat him... when he stays deep in his net and goes down early. He has a tendency to leave his post early when following a pass from east to west.

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