Fashion faux pas: Man cuts Canes sweaters off statues

Updated: May 25, 2006, 5:46 PM ET
Associated Press

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Not everyone has Stanley Cup fever.

A man irritated by oversized Carolina Hurricanes jerseys draped on four statues at the North Carolina Capitol slashed two of the garments off the monuments and was ready to cut away the others when he was stopped by police.

Turns out the Hurricanes didn't have proper permission to dress up the statues, which were similarly attired during the team's run to the finals of the NHL playoffs in 2002, according to a spokesman for Gov. Mike Easley.

Permission or not, Davis Jones says it was inappropriate to suit up the larger-than-life statues of presidents Andrew Jackson and George Washington and governors Zebulon Vance and Charles Aycock.

"That's not the purpose of state monuments, to make them mannequins for a fleeting sports event," the 49-year-old Jones told The News & Observer. "As a native North Carolinian, I feel it's very disrespectful and disgraceful to do this."

Jones was issued a misdemeanor citation Wednesday for "injury to the personal property" of the state of North Carolina, State Capitol Police Chief Scott Hunter said.

The Hurricanes removed the remaining jerseys, which had been up since Tuesday. The team said it got permission from administration secretary Britt Cobb to put up the jerseys. But gubernatorial spokesman Seth Effron said Cobb failed to consult with Capitol historian Raymond Beck.

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