NHL Top Lines Voting Results

Top Lines Voted Together as a Group
#Left WingCenterRight WingPoints*
1 Mario Lemieux Wayne Gretzky Gordie Howe21461
2 Bobby Hull Wayne Gretzky Gordie Howe13147
3 Gordie Howe Wayne Gretzky Mario Lemieux11023
4 Mario Lemieux Wayne Gretzky Jaromir Jagr10231
5 Wayne Gretzky Mario Lemieux Gordie Howe7923
6 Maurice Richard Wayne Gretzky Gordie Howe6806
7 Gordie Howe Wayne Gretzky Maurice Richard6790
8 Wayne Gretzky Mario Lemieux Jaromir Jagr6165
9 Mario Lemieux Wayne Gretzky Maurice Richard5578
10 Mario Lemieux Wayne Gretzky Mark Messier5266
11 Jaromir Jagr Wayne Gretzky Mario Lemieux4954
12 Mario Lemieux Wayne Gretzky Brett Hull4315
13 Gordie Howe Wayne Gretzky Bobby Hull4235
14 Mario Lemieux Wayne Gretzky Mike Bossy3465
15 Sidney Crosby Mario Lemieux Jaromir Jagr3449
16 Gordie Howe Wayne Gretzky Brett Hull3250
17 Jari Kurri Wayne Gretzky Mark Messier3093
18 Wayne Gretzky Gordie Howe Mario Lemieux2967
19 Mark Messier Wayne Gretzky Gordie Howe2844
20 Gordie Howe Wayne Gretzky Jaromir Jagr2746
21 Gordie Howe Wayne Gretzky Mike Bossy2646
22 Bobby Hull Wayne Gretzky Maurice Richard2622
23 Mark Messier Wayne Gretzky Mario Lemieux2602
24 Mario Lemieux Wayne Gretzky Steve Yzerman2601
25 Gordie Howe Wayne Gretzky Mark Messier2594
26 Jaromir Jagr Mario Lemieux Brett Hull2586
27 Gordie Howe Mario Lemieux Wayne Gretzky2578
28 Mario Lemieux Wayne Gretzky Bobby Hull2530
29 Jaromir Jagr Wayne Gretzky Gordie Howe2503
30 Bobby Hull Wayne Gretzky Brett Hull2475
31 Jaromir Jagr Mario Lemieux Wayne Gretzky2407
32 Jaromir Jagr Wayne Gretzky Brett Hull2369
33 Maurice Richard Wayne Gretzky Mario Lemieux2307
34 Bobby Hull Mario Lemieux Jaromir Jagr2295
35 Mark Messier Wayne Gretzky Jari Kurri2235
36 Wayne Gretzky Mark Messier Mario Lemieux2170
37 Maurice Richard Mario Lemieux Jaromir Jagr2166
38 Bobby Hull Wayne Gretzky Mario Lemieux2036
39 Bobby Hull Mario Lemieux Brett Hull2007
40 Gordie Howe Mario Lemieux Jaromir Jagr1998
41 Brett Hull Mario Lemieux Jaromir Jagr1986
42 Jari Kurri Wayne Gretzky Gordie Howe1980
43 Mario Lemieux Wayne Gretzky Peter Forsberg1945
44 Wayne Gretzky Mario Lemieux Maurice Richard1908
45 Alexander Ovechkin Sidney Crosby Jaromir Jagr1907
46 Wayne Gretzky Steve Yzerman Gordie Howe1878
47 Wayne Gretzky Mario Lemieux Brett Hull1805
48 Brett Hull Wayne Gretzky Gordie Howe1801
49 Wayne Gretzky Mario Lemieux Mark Messier1781
50 Ron Francis Mario Lemieux Jaromir Jagr1775
51 Bobby Hull Wayne Gretzky Mike Bossy1773
52 Wayne Gretzky Steve Yzerman Mario Lemieux1769
53 Sidney Crosby Wayne Gretzky Mario Lemieux1748
54 Jari Kurri Wayne Gretzky Mike Bossy1739
55 Bobby Hull Wayne Gretzky Jaromir Jagr1733
56 Maurice Richard Wayne Gretzky Mike Bossy1729
57 Mike Bossy Wayne Gretzky Gordie Howe1711
58 Jaromir Jagr Mario Lemieux Maurice Richard1681
59 Bobby Hull Mario Lemieux Gordie Howe1657
60 Phil Esposito Wayne Gretzky Gordie Howe1649
61 Bobby Hull Mark Messier Brett Hull1639
62 Mario Lemieux Wayne Gretzky Sidney Crosby1602
63 Brendan Shanahan Steve Yzerman Brett Hull1590
64 Gordie Howe Wayne Gretzky Guy Lafleur1573
65 Jari Kurri Wayne Gretzky Brett Hull1572
66 Bobby Hull Steve Yzerman Brett Hull1552
67 Wayne Gretzky Mario Lemieux Sidney Crosby1547
68 Mario Lemieux Wayne Gretzky Jari Kurri1546
69 Jaromir Jagr Mario Lemieux Sidney Crosby1537
70 Luc Robitaille Mario Lemieux Jaromir Jagr1530
71 Sidney Crosby Mario Lemieux Wayne Gretzky1483
72 Mario Lemieux Gordie Howe Wayne Gretzky1472
73 Alexander Ovechkin Mario Lemieux Jaromir Jagr1465
74 Jaromir Jagr Mario Lemieux Gordie Howe1459
75 Peter Forsberg Mario Lemieux Jaromir Jagr1439
76 Brett Hull Wayne Gretzky Jaromir Jagr1437
77 Brendan Shanahan Mario Lemieux Jaromir Jagr1405
78 Brett Hull Wayne Gretzky Mario Lemieux1393
79 Maurice Richard Wayne Gretzky Jaromir Jagr1374
80 Gordie Howe Wayne Gretzky Jari Kurri1318
81 Bobby Hull Mario Lemieux Maurice Richard1310
82 Jaromir Jagr Mario Lemieux Mike Bossy1308
83 Mario Lemieux Wayne Gretzky Guy Lafleur1300
84 Mike Bossy Mario Lemieux Jaromir Jagr1299
85 Gordie Howe Wayne Gretzky Steve Yzerman1292
86 Phil Esposito Mario Lemieux Jaromir Jagr1285
87 Alexander Ovechkin Wayne Gretzky Jaromir Jagr1282
88 Wayne Gretzky Mark Messier Gordie Howe1281
89 Bobby Hull Gordie Howe Brett Hull1273
90 Maurice Richard Wayne Gretzky Brett Hull1266
91 Luc Robitaille Wayne Gretzky Jari Kurri1209
92 Ted Lindsay Sid Abel Gordie Howe1200
93 Jaromir Jagr Mario Lemieux Bobby Hull1187
94 Wayne Gretzky Mario Lemieux Bobby Hull1175
95 Brendan Shanahan Steve Yzerman Sergei Fedorov1169
96 Jari Kurri Wayne Gretzky Maurice Richard1155
97 Mike Bossy Wayne Gretzky Maurice Richard1148
98 Maurice Richard Mario Lemieux Guy Lafleur1140
99 Bobby Hull Wayne Gretzky Guy Lafleur1139
100 Mario Lemieux Mark Messier Wayne Gretzky1132
101 Jaromir Jagr Wayne Gretzky Mike Bossy1126
102 Wayne Gretzky Gordie Howe Bobby Hull1123
103 Mario Lemieux Steve Yzerman Wayne Gretzky1114
104 Jaromir Jagr Wayne Gretzky Maurice Richard1113
105 Alexander Ovechkin Sidney Crosby Jarome Iginla1110
106 Bobby Hull Mario Lemieux Guy Lafleur1103
107 Gordie Howe Mario Lemieux Maurice Richard1093
108 Luc Robitaille Wayne Gretzky Brett Hull1088
109 Jaromir Jagr Mario Lemieux Peter Forsberg1086
110 Jari Kurri Wayne Gretzky Jaromir Jagr1070
111 Wayne Gretzky Sidney Crosby Mario Lemieux1055
112 Mike Bossy Wayne Gretzky Mario Lemieux1047
113 Sidney Crosby Wayne Gretzky Alexander Ovechkin1039
114 Maurice Richard Wayne Gretzky Guy Lafleur1030
115 Mark Messier Wayne Gretzky Jaromir Jagr1028
116 Gordie Howe Wayne Gretzky Phil Esposito1020
117 Wayne Gretzky Mark Messier Jaromir Jagr1005
118 Maurice Richard Mario Lemieux Gordie Howe1005
119 Mark Messier Wayne Gretzky Brett Hull1004
120 Jaromir Jagr Wayne Gretzky Mark Messier991
121 Brendan Shanahan Steve Yzerman Gordie Howe984
122 Jaromir Jagr Steve Yzerman Brett Hull982
123 Jaromir Jagr Mark Messier Brett Hull979
124 Jaromir Jagr Mario Lemieux Guy Lafleur977
125 Wayne Gretzky Mario Lemieux Steve Yzerman973
126 Bobby Hull Mario Lemieux Mike Bossy970
127 Alexander Ovechkin Wayne Gretzky Sidney Crosby956
128 Jaromir Jagr Wayne Gretzky Bobby Hull954
129 Jaromir Jagr Mario Lemieux Mark Messier948
130 Jari Kurri Wayne Gretzky Mario Lemieux948
131 Mario Lemieux Wayne Gretzky Phil Esposito948
132 Peter Forsberg Wayne Gretzky Mario Lemieux942
133 Jaromir Jagr Mario Lemieux Ron Francis929
134 Alexander Ovechkin Wayne Gretzky Mario Lemieux926
135 Sergei Fedorov Steve Yzerman Brendan Shanahan913
136 Bobby Hull Adam Oates Brett Hull910
137 Mark Messier Mario Lemieux Jaromir Jagr910
138 Mark Messier Wayne Gretzky Mike Bossy903
139 Maurice Richard Wayne Gretzky Bobby Hull893
140 Luc Robitaille Wayne Gretzky Gordie Howe888
141 Alexander Ovechkin Wayne Gretzky Gordie Howe881
142 Guy Lafleur Mario Lemieux Jaromir Jagr878
143 Gordie Howe Steve Yzerman Wayne Gretzky872
144 Maurice Richard Mario Lemieux Mike Bossy870
145 Wayne Gretzky Mario Lemieux Mike Bossy865
146 Steve Yzerman Wayne Gretzky Mario Lemieux856
147 Ted Lindsay Steve Yzerman Gordie Howe853
148 Bobby Hull Mario Lemieux Wayne Gretzky842
149 Gordie Howe Mario Lemieux Bobby Hull841
150 Bobby Hull Wayne Gretzky Mark Messier838
151 Jaromir Jagr Wayne Gretzky Peter Forsberg834
152 Guy Lafleur Wayne Gretzky Maurice Richard820
153 Brendan Shanahan Wayne Gretzky Brett Hull817
154 Mario Lemieux Sidney Crosby Wayne Gretzky812
155 Guy Lafleur Wayne Gretzky Gordie Howe812
156 Maurice Richard Mario Lemieux Brett Hull796
157 Mike Bossy Wayne Gretzky Brett Hull792
158 Mario Lemieux Wayne Gretzky Alexander Ovechkin788
159 Mario Lemieux Sidney Crosby Jaromir Jagr782
160 Wayne Gretzky Peter Forsberg Mario Lemieux780
161 Alexander Ovechkin Wayne Gretzky Brett Hull777
162 Wayne Gretzky Gordie Howe Steve Yzerman771
163 Brendan Shanahan Wayne Gretzky Jaromir Jagr771
164 Luc Robitaille Wayne Gretzky Jaromir Jagr756
165 Peter Forsberg Wayne Gretzky Brett Hull756
166 Peter Forsberg Wayne Gretzky Jaromir Jagr754
167 Sid Abel Gordie Howe Ted Lindsay752
168 Mike Bossy Wayne Gretzky Jari Kurri749
169 Sergei Fedorov Mario Lemieux Jaromir Jagr736
170 Phil Esposito Mario Lemieux Maurice Richard734
171 Wayne Gretzky Mario Lemieux Peter Forsberg730
172 Bobby Hull Wayne Gretzky Jari Kurri730
173 Marcel Dionne Wayne Gretzky Gordie Howe724
174 Jaromir Jagr Mario Lemieux Steve Yzerman723
175 Maurice Richard Wayne Gretzky Jari Kurri718
176 Brett Hull Wayne Gretzky Mark Messier718
177 Bobby Hull Mark Messier Gordie Howe717
178 Brett Hull Wayne Gretzky Mike Bossy716
179 Gordie Howe Mario Lemieux Brett Hull711
180 Alexander Ovechkin Sidney Crosby Peter Forsberg709
181 Mike Bossy Wayne Gretzky Jaromir Jagr701
182 Alexander Ovechkin Sidney Crosby Brett Hull701
183 Gordie Howe Steve Yzerman Brett Hull700
184 Guy Lafleur Mario Lemieux Maurice Richard698
185 Mario Lemieux Ron Francis Jaromir Jagr694
186 Marcel Dionne Mario Lemieux Jaromir Jagr693
187 Jari Kurri Mario Lemieux Jaromir Jagr683
188 Bobby Hull Mark Messier Jaromir Jagr675
189 Mike Bossy Mario Lemieux Maurice Richard673
190 Brett Hull Wayne Gretzky Maurice Richard671
191 Brendan Shanahan Adam Oates Brett Hull668
192 Brett Hull Wayne Gretzky Jari Kurri667
193 Gordie Howe Wayne Gretzky Peter Forsberg664
194 Jaromir Jagr Wayne Gretzky Jari Kurri664
195 Mark Messier Wayne Gretzky Maurice Richard662
196 Peter Forsberg Wayne Gretzky Gordie Howe661
197 Bobby Hull Mark Messier Maurice Richard657
198 Bobby Hull Steve Yzerman Gordie Howe656
199 Jaromir Jagr Mario Lemieux Phil Esposito656
200 Phil Esposito Wayne Gretzky Maurice Richard654
201 Maurice Richard Mario Lemieux Wayne Gretzky643
202 Wayne Gretzky Mark Messier Jari Kurri640
203 Phil Esposito Wayne Gretzky Mike Bossy640
204 Brett Hull Steve Yzerman Brendan Shanahan639
205 Phil Esposito Mario Lemieux Brett Hull634
206 Jaromir Jagr Sidney Crosby Alexander Ovechkin627
207 Gordie Howe Mario Lemieux Mike Bossy627
208 Wayne Gretzky Gordie Howe Mark Messier625
209 Alexander Ovechkin Wayne Gretzky Maurice Richard624
210 Jaromir Jagr Mario Lemieux Brendan Shanahan620
211 Jaromir Jagr Gordie Howe Brett Hull611
212 Steve Yzerman Wayne Gretzky Gordie Howe611
213 Wayne Gretzky Gordie Howe Maurice Richard610
214 Sidney Crosby Wayne Gretzky Jaromir Jagr606
215 Wayne Gretzky Jaromir Jagr Mario Lemieux606
216 Maurice Richard Mark Messier Jaromir Jagr602
217 Mario Lemieux Wayne Gretzky Sergei Fedorov600
218 Phil Esposito Mario Lemieux Guy Lafleur599
219 Jari Kurri Wayne Gretzky Guy Lafleur598
220 Brendan Shanahan Steve Yzerman Jaromir Jagr595
221 Wayne Gretzky Gordie Howe Brett Hull587
222 Bobby Hull Gordie Howe Maurice Richard575
223 Jaromir Jagr Mario Lemieux Sergei Fedorov567
224 Brett Hull Gordie Howe Bobby Hull566
225 Jaromir Jagr Mark Messier Bobby Hull565
226 Gordie Howe Mark Messier Maurice Richard564
227 Glenn Anderson Wayne Gretzky Jari Kurri563
228 Brett Hull Mario Lemieux Maurice Richard562
229 Sidney Crosby Mario Lemieux Alexander Ovechkin561
230 Mike Bossy Wayne Gretzky Guy Lafleur561
231 Brett Hull Mark Messier Jaromir Jagr556
232 Jaromir Jagr Wayne Gretzky Steve Yzerman554
233 Luc Robitaille Steve Yzerman Brett Hull553
234 Luc Robitaille Mario Lemieux Brett Hull552
235 Brendan Shanahan Mark Messier Jaromir Jagr550
236 Brett Hull Mario Lemieux Bobby Hull549
237 Brett Hull Steve Yzerman Jaromir Jagr549
238 Phil Esposito Wayne Gretzky Mario Lemieux548
239 Bobby Hull Steve Yzerman Jaromir Jagr547
240 Brett Hull Wayne Gretzky Bobby Hull543
241 Mike Bossy Mario Lemieux Brett Hull539
242 Mike Bossy Mario Lemieux Guy Lafleur537
243 Brett Hull Mark Messier Bobby Hull537
244 Wayne Gretzky Steve Yzerman Brett Hull534
245 Mark Messier Mario Lemieux Maurice Richard529
246 Bobby Hull Peter Forsberg Brett Hull529
247 Brendan Shanahan Mario Lemieux Brett Hull528
248 Gordie Howe Mark Messier Jaromir Jagr527
249 Mark Messier Mario Lemieux Brett Hull527
250 Gordie Howe Mark Messier Bobby Hull525
251 Gordie Howe Steve Yzerman Jaromir Jagr524
252 Wayne Gretzky Mario Lemieux Guy Lafleur522
253 Jaromir Jagr Steve Yzerman Mark Messier520
254 Alexander Ovechkin Mario Lemieux Sidney Crosby519
255 Jaromir Jagr Steve Yzerman Peter Forsberg516
256 Brett Hull Mario Lemieux Wayne Gretzky516
257 Maurice Richard Mario Lemieux Bobby Hull514
258 Bobby Hull Mark Messier Guy Lafleur513
259 Jaromir Jagr Steve Yzerman Gordie Howe513
260 Brett Hull Steve Yzerman Bobby Hull512
261 Maurice Richard Mark Messier Gordie Howe511
262 Peter Forsberg Steve Yzerman Brett Hull511
263 Jaromir Jagr Gordie Howe Bobby Hull510
264 Guy Lafleur Wayne Gretzky Mike Bossy509
265 Mark Messier Mario Lemieux Wayne Gretzky508
266 Gordie Howe Mark Messier Brett Hull508
267 Phil Esposito Mario Lemieux Gordie Howe506
268 Gordie Howe Mario Lemieux Guy Lafleur505
269 Jaromir Jagr Mark Messier Gordie Howe503
270 Jaromir Jagr Mark Messier Steve Yzerman502
271 Bobby Hull Mario Lemieux Phil Esposito497
272 Bobby Hull Steve Yzerman Maurice Richard497
273 Sergei Fedorov Steve Yzerman Brett Hull492
274 Gordie Howe Mark Messier Wayne Gretzky492
275 Marcel Dionne Mario Lemieux Maurice Richard490
276 Maurice Richard Jean Beliveau Guy Lafleur482
277 Gordie Howe Steve Yzerman Brendan Shanahan479
278 Phil Esposito Wayne Gretzky Jaromir Jagr478
279 Jaromir Jagr Wayne Gretzky Sergei Fedorov478
280 Phil Esposito Mario Lemieux Mike Bossy472
281 Steve Yzerman Mario Lemieux Jaromir Jagr468
282 Jaromir Jagr Steve Yzerman Bobby Hull466
283 Mark Messier Steve Yzerman Brett Hull465
284 Jaromir Jagr Mark Messier Maurice Richard463
285 Alexander Ovechkin Mario Lemieux Wayne Gretzky462
286 Mark Messier Mario Lemieux Guy Lafleur462
287 Gordie Howe Steve Yzerman Maurice Richard462
288 Sidney Crosby Wayne Gretzky Gordie Howe461
289 Phil Esposito Mark Messier Brett Hull460
290 Gordie Howe Steve Yzerman Bobby Hull460
291 Jaromir Jagr Peter Forsberg Brett Hull459
292 Jaromir Jagr Mario Lemieux Alexander Ovechkin459
293 Maurice Richard Steve Yzerman Jaromir Jagr457
294 Peter Forsberg Mario Lemieux Brett Hull457
295 Jaromir Jagr Steve Yzerman Maurice Richard457
296 Mario Lemieux Mark Messier Jaromir Jagr456
297 Bobby Hull Wayne Gretzky Phil Esposito456
298 Phil Esposito Wayne Gretzky Brett Hull454
299 Wayne Gretzky Mario Lemieux Phil Esposito451
300 Jaromir Jagr Mark Messier Mike Bossy450

*Points are a weighted aggregate of votes. Four points were given for a vote to the top line, Three points for a vote to the 2nd line, etc.


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