Judges' marks not anonymous in new system

Updated: May 8, 2005, 10:42 PM ET
Associated Press

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The U.S. figure skating federation will use the scoring system adopted by the International Skating Union for major events with one difference --the judges' marks will be not anonymous.

In the past, the old 6.0 scoring formula was used in U.S. Figure Skating events. By the 2006-07 season, that system will be gone in all USFSA competitions, and the marks of all judges will be published along with the judges' names.

The move should make it easier for top U.S. skaters who qualify for next February's Olympics in Turin, Italy. No longer will the Americans skate under one scoring scheme for U.S. events and another for international meets.

Also on Saturday, Ron Hershberger was elected president of U.S. Figure Skating. He received 760 of the 1,386 votes available through delegates and proxies. Ron Pfenning got 487 votes.

Hershberger was selected as interim president in April to fill out the term of Chuck Foster, who resigned.

"I received an honor when I was voted in unanimously [for president] by the Board of Directors last month in a special session," Hershberger said, "and now I am doubly honored by the action here. U.S. Figure Skating recently published a brochure with the motto 'Start small, dream big.' As the national governing body of figure skating in the U.S. ... we are well past the point of starting small, and I am confident that we can now start dreaming big and ultimately realize our goals."

Hershberger has served on the U.S. Figure Skating Board of Directors for 15 of the last 16 years.

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