Davis' 400m hurdles bronze from '96 Olympics stolen


BOSTON -- A bronze medal won by Calvin Davis in the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta was stolen from his mother's home in Boston.

After Davis won bronze in the 400-meter hurdles, a motorcade
escorted him home from Logan International Airport, and Davis gave
the medal to his mother, Helen Davis.

She's kept it in a dresser drawer in her apartment in Boston's
Dorchester section, but it was stolen, along with sports jerseys
and video games, sometime around Thanksgiving, The Boston Globe
reported Tuesday.

"It makes me so mad," she said. "Every time I think about it,
I get butterflies in my stomach. I really want that medal back."

Helen Davis suspects neighborhood teenagers broke in and have no
idea of the emotional value of the medal. She told her son about
the theft Sunday night.

"It was a hard thing to hear," said Davis, 33, who's studying
psychology at the University of Arkansas. "I was very heartbroken.
Hopefully somebody will do the right thing and return it."

Helen Davis hasn't been living at her apartment since a Nov. 19
fire in the unit above her. She returned Sunday to gather some
belongings and saw the back door was open. Police said there were
five break-ins in the building.