Mayor's Olympics pitch includes new 49ers stadium

SAN FRANCISCO -- Mayor Gavin Newsom's pitch for the city to host the 2016 Summer Olympics includes building up to 4,000 athlete apartments at a former Navy shipyard and building a new stadium for the 49ers at Candlestick Point.

The plan will become more detailed if San Francisco makes the list of finalists, Newsom said Monday. A U.S. Olympic Committee decision is expected this week.

"It's a broad-strokes vision," Newsom said. "If we get into the second round, we are assuming that round will then require a level of specificity that will force us to make more declarative commitments."

The proposal would include apartments at the old Hunters Point Naval Shipyard to accommodate up to 15,000 athletes and Olympic officials, said Anne Cribbs, executive director of the Bay Area Sports Organizing Committee.

The apartments would be converted to rental units and condominiums after the games.

Several obstacles stand in the project's way.

Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago and Philadelphia have also made bids to the committee for the Olympics, and if San Francisco is selected, local organizers would need to raise at least $20 million to mount an international bid.