Miller still undecided on skiing future


ROME -- Bode Miller still hasn't decided if he wants to continue skiing, and it might take him months to figure out his future.

"He's truly taking this spring to relax and let his body heal and spend time with his daughter," Miller's agent, Lowell Taub, told The Associated Press by telephone Wednesday from New York.

Miller skipped the final four stops of the recently concluded World Cup season to spend time with his 1-year-old daughter. Bothered by a sore ankle, Miller said he was considering retirement.

The break came after Miller failed to win a medal at the world championships in Val d'Isere, France, in February. It was the third consecutive major championship in which Miller failed to medal. The streak began at the 2006 Torino Olympics, when Miller gained more headlines for his late-night partying than his skiing.

The Torino fiasco might factor into Miller's decision-making, with the Vancouver Games the highlight of next season.

"Knowing Bode for seven years, if I pushed him one way, he would probably go in the opposite direction," Taub said. "I'm letting him enjoy his travel, his golf and his daughter. I'm just letting him relax and then he can eventually come to the decision on his own."

At some point, Miller must inform his sponsors and coaching staff of his plans. He has raced independently of the U.S. team for the last two seasons.

"There will be a time when I'll have to ask that question because of business items, but that will come much later," Taub said.

Miller typically takes more time off in between seasons than most top skiers, resting in April, May "and even into June" sometimes.

"He really unplugs and reconnects with his life," Taub said. "Any team would let him join in on their training in South America, so that's not a problem."

In the meantime, Miller is gearing up for his annual Turtle Ridge foundation retreat on April 11 at Cannon Mountain, in his hometown of Franconia, N.H. The foundation supports youth sports and environmental causes.

"That will be the first time he's back in ski boots since Val d'Isere," Taub said.