Carly adds another medal


ATHENS, Greece -- All-around champion Carly Patterson won
her third medal of these Olympics and the sixth for the U.S.
women's gymnastics team Monday, taking silver behind Catalina Ponor
of Romania in the balance beam finals.
Alexandra Eremia of Romania took bronze. The Romanian women have
four medals at these Olympics, including the gold in team
The six medals for the United States surpasses the total of five
won by the women in 1992 and makes this the most successful team in
a nonboycotted Olympics. Led by all-around champion Mary Lou
Retton, the Americans won eight in 1984.
Patterson is from Allen, Texas.

Spain's Deferr wins vault

Gervasio Deferr of Spain won the men's
vault title Monday night, giving Spain its second Olympic gold
medal in men's gymnastics.
Deferr finished with 9.737 points. Evgeni Sapronenko of Latvia
won the silver with 9.706 points, while former world champion
Marian Dragulescu of Romania took the bronze with 9.612 points.
No Americans qualified for the vault final.
Deferr was one of the few vaulters to land cleanly.
Russia's Alexei Bondarenko, the first competitor, had a scary
crash on his first vault, landing face-down, almost on his head. He
took a few seconds to gather himself and went ahead with his second
vault, but landed on his side on that one. He was clearly hurting
as he climbed off the podium, and he was later carried out of the
arena on a stretcher.
Doctors said he had a spine injury, but found no neurological
damage. He was staying at the hospital Monday night for further