U.S. crew win women's 8 rowing; Canada takes men's

Updated: August 17, 2008, 6:25 AM ET
Associated Press

BEIXIAOYING TOWN, China -- The United States won the gold medal in women's eight rowing, finally knocking off Romania and another crew for a win in the sport's signature event.

Erin Cafaro, Lindsay Shoop, Anna Goodale, Elle Logan, Anna Cummins, Susan Francia, Caroline Lind, Caryn Davies and coxswain Mary Whipple won on Sunday in 6 minutes, 5.34 seconds. They laughed and screamed as the crossed the finish line.

Canada won the gold medal in men's eight rowing, becoming the first world champion crew to follow up with Olympic gold in 35 years.

Kevin Light, Ben Rutledge, Andrew Byrnes, Jake Wetzel, Malcolm Howard, Dominic Seiterle, Adam Kreek, Kyle Hamilton and coxswain Brian Price won on Sunday in 5 minutes, 23.89 seconds.

For the women, Femke Dekker, Marlies Smulders, Nienke Kingma, Roline Repelaer van Driel, Annemarieke van Rumpt, Helen Tanger, Sarah Siegelaar, Annemiek de Haan and coxswain Ester Workel of the Netherlands won silver in 6:07.22.

Romania was denied a fourth straight Olympic gold medal in the eight. The crew of Constanta Burcica, Viorica Susanu, Rodica Maria Serban, Eniko Barabas, Simona Dumitrita Musat, Ioana Cristina Papuc, Georgeta Andrunache, Doina Ignat and coxswain Elena Georgescu took bronze in 6:07.25.

The British crew of Alex Partridge, Tom Stallard, Tom Lucy, Richard Egington, Josh West, Alastair Heathcote, Matt Langridge, Colin Smith and coxswain Acer Nethercott took the men's silver medal in 5:25.11.

The Americans followed their gold medal in the Athens Games with the bronze medal. Beau Hoopman, Matt Schnobrich, Micah Boyd, Wyatt Allen, Daniel Walsh, Steven Coppola, Josh Inman, Bryan Volpenhein and coxswain Marcus McElhenney finished in 5:25.34.

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