Contador apologizes to Schleck


PAU, France -- Andy Schleck has made up with Alberto Contador, and now he wants the crowds at the Tour de France to do the same.

Contador has apologized for the way he took over the Tour lead Monday from rival Schleck, and has been subjected to boos and whistles from fans since receiving the yellow jersey as Tour leader.

Many believe he broke cycling's unwritten code by failing to wait for Schleck when the Luxembourg rider lost his chain at a key moment during a climb Monday.

Contador says he didn't see the incident as he attacked during the ascent, and that by the time he realized Schleck had mechanical issues, it was too late to slow down.

Schleck was angry after the stage, but said Tuesday that the two settled their differences after Contador issued an apology in a YouTube video.

In the video, Contador said: "Maybe I made a mistake. I'm sorry. I don't like things like what happened today, I'm not like that and I hope the relationship that I have with Andy can go back to being as good as it was before this happened."

Schleck asked the public to end the shouts of derision.

"We talked today. What happened yesterday isn't what one would have wanted to see, but during a race like that, things happen. We are fine now," Schleck told French television, before shaking Contador's hand.

"Everybody, stop that. For me, too, please," he said, looking straight into the camera.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.