'I've got a chance'

James Overstreet

It was the second day of the Classic, and I couldn't get it going today like I needed to. Let me say right off that I believe I'm going to need 22 pounds on Sunday to have a chance to win the Bassmaster Classic. It's do-able. It will be tough, but it's not out of the question.

I thought I could get 17 pounds today, but the fish weren't biting. Well, I should say MINE weren't biting. I should have left the area, but I never did. I ended up with 13-12, and I didn't get most of my fish until late in the day. That's not good for my stomach.

What happened was the fish appeared to move from the back of the area I was in to the mouth. That's where Skeet Reese caught them. He was at what I would call the mouth. I think the fish had been in a hole in the back of the oxbow, and they came out of the back hole and into what must have been a front hole, where Skeet was.

It was hard to fish today. Where I was, there was a flotilla. Boats knocking into each other. We were all fishing in about two feet of water. The spectators were great. They were really respectful, but they were about in four feet of water, and I swear I think some of the fish were in the four feet.

There's one other thing that was interesting, and it's one of the reasons I think I've got a chance to win. Jami Fralick is the only one that's had a big bag two days in a row. If you'll notice, just about everybody with big days today didn't have them the first day. And the first day guys fell off. ...And it will be different tomorrow. Skeet might have 9 pounds tomorrow or he might have 20. But if he gets 20, it'll probably be somewhere else. It will be interesting.

I'll go somewhere different tomorrow. I have another area, and I'll go there. But the main thing to remember about the last day of the Classic is that it doesn't matter tomorrow whether you have two fish or five. You need big fish to have a chance. If you're 4 pounds behind like I am, you need more than 20 pounds. So, if you've got a bait that you know will get you 15 pounds, you might as well leave it in the bag. You need big.

I can have a big day and win it, or I can have a 15-pound day and be one of the saps that finishes somewhere between 2 and 25.

I hope I get some sleep tonight.

For more information on 2007 Classic champion Boyd Duckett, visit his Web site.