Big Show


With two tournaments left in the 2009 season of the Redfish Cup, it's truly a race to see which teams make it to the championship.

At the beginning of every season there are two goals for every team; one to become the team of the year and the other to make the championship.

Obviously "Team of the Year" recognizes those that perform the best through all the events and accumulates the most points. By most, it's considered quite an achievement.

That being said, making the championship and winning it is as a major accomplishment. For professional saltwater anglers, it is the "Big Show."

Anyway, the next tournament will begin at the end of this month in Chalmette, La. Wow, what a destination for a tournament.

Chalmette is known for unbelievable redfishing, just as the entire Louisiana coast is, but the waters surrounding Chalmette are very fertile and hold large numbers of fish, the right fish, upper end slot fish, the winning fish.

Sounds cool, doesn't it? Well it is, except for the fact that it will be a barnburner.

This tournament will come down to the wire as far as making the final cut for Sunday's fishing. After the first two days of fishing, the top five teams with the highest weight from the first two days of fish the final day for the championship.

The top five teams will be so close you will have to separate the scores with a razor blade. You're talking hundredths or no more than a couple tenths of a pound will separate the top teams, and there will be several teams outside the cut who were just as close, all shaking their heads, mumbling how close they were to making the top five.

A lot will be riding on this tournament as teams fight to make the championship, and those on top of the pile will be battling for the Team Of The Year. It just makes this tournament very important for all teams.

Rue and Puckett are at the top right now, and rumor has it that they are currently pre-fishing in Chalmette as you read this. Imagine that, I am very close to both of those guy's and not even a phone call from either one acknowledging that they are here.

When I say "here," I say that because I only live, oh about 30 minutes from where the tournament will be staged. Both are flying under the radar trying to get an edge on this upcoming tournament.

I also heard that the Broussard's as well as Robert Scherer have spent quite a bit of "early" pre-fishing here, and who knows, the whole field might be out there practicing.

Wish I was but have business to take care of; we are putting together a new "battle" wagon for the Chalmette tournament; A new Triton 2070 Aluminum boat with a sight casting tower. This machine will float in just a few inches of water and get way, way, way back in the marsh.

The luxury will be that if we need to fish deep water or it is rough for the tournament, we will use our Triton 240 Pro LTS, or if the fish are far and we need to cover ground quick, we will load up our Triton Bass Boat, and as I just mentioned, if they are back hiding in the shallow waters of the marsh we will be ready for that as well.

Little does Rue and Puckett know, I planted a transponder on their boat and I am watching every move they make as I am writing this blog. Isn't that cool!

All the teams will be looking forward to the Chalmette Tournament as the community and political ranks of St. Bernard Parish are strong supporters of the "Cup" and have been for years. Like anywhere else in South Louisiana, they REALLY know how to stage an event.

We all know that the ENTIRE New Orleans region From Plaquemines , Orleans, Jefferson thru St. Bernard Parish, took a devastating blow. For all practical purposes, St. Bernard like other areas was wiped out, but through the will of the people and exhausting efforts of all, they have and will continue to re-build this area.

There are many opportunities in St. Bernard and you can see from the rebuilding plans that have been in motion, this area is making quite an attractive location for families to relocate and private business opportunities are endless. Not to mention it is one of the number of locations in South Louisiana that is truly a "Sportsman's Paradise."

The excitement, challenges and competition will be at its highest level for this tournament. When it is all said and done, the results should be quite interesting. It certainly will create tremendous drama for the final tournament in Biloxi.

Between us, I just can't wait.

Oh, by the way, Rue and Puckett, that's a nice Red you just caught. Didn't know I was watching, did you? I was going to tell you where the transponder is, but really, no reason to. Might need to watch you a little while longer!

Capt. Mike Frenette is a Redfish Cup angler. For more information, visit his Web site, www.venicefishing.net or e-mail him at teaserboat@earthlink.net.