Del. angler could face federal charges after landing great white


DOVER, Del. — A fisherman who landed what state wildlife
officials believe is a juvenile great white shark could face
federal charges.

Authorities don't believe Michael Davidson and his companions on
board the 33-foot ``Little One'' landed a great white deliberately.
They may have misidentified 5 1/2-foot shark as a mako, said Lt. Aaron
Hurd of the state Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Great whites, rarely seen in Delaware waters, are illegal to
possess under federal law.

Fish and Wildlife enforcement agents found the shark while on
routine patrol Saturday morning. They boarded the private fishing
boat as it arrived at the North Shore Marina at Indian River Inlet.

State officials said the shark that weighed 179 pounds was
caught about eight miles offshore. The shark has been sent to the
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for DNA testing.

If the animal is confirmed as a white shark, Davidson could be
prosecuted under federal law for possession of a protected species.
Fish and Wildlife agents also said that Davidson was not carrying a
valid permit to fish for species such as sharks and tuna in federal

Efforts to contact Davidson by telephone at his Frankford home
were not successful.