Nematistius pectoralis

Other Names

This is probably the most easily recognized jack. Roosterfish have 7 distinct spines that stand high above the dorsal fin when the fish is excited or threatened. There are also two long streaks that run from the fish's dorsal fin, down the sides, ending before the tail.

Typical Habitat
Roosterfish will inhabit sandy inshore and nearshore areas. It will also linger around nearshore reefs.

Feeding Habits
There is little known about the roosterfish's eating habits. It can be assumed that their preferences are similar to that of other jacks: small fish, crabs, etc.

Age and Growth
There is very little known about the roosterfish's life span. Anglers have caught these fish over four feet long and weighing 100 pounds.

Sporting Qualities
Much like it's relative the permit, roosterfish will make a screaming first run once hooked. These very strong fighters can often be found near surf, circling birds, and inshore waters. Anglers commonly drift and troll small strip bait for roosters.

Food Quality
Roosterfish are considered good eating, but an even better gamefish. They are only under local commercial pressure.

World Record
114 lbs. La Paz, Baja California

Preferred Temps

Preferred Temps
70 to 89

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