21 top ice spots for Salt Lake area anglers

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    SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Frigid temperatures have arrived in the greater Salt Lake City area. Ice is forming fast on most Utah and southeast Idaho lakes.

    Here's what to expect for the upcoming ice fishing season:

    Pineview Reservoir

    Location: East of Ogden, Utah, near Huntsville in Weber County.

    Species: Perch, some crappie.

    Spots: The narrows, Cemetery Point and middle fork are best. Look for water depths from 15 to 30 feet.

    Baits: Ratsos and Rat Finkees tipped with meal worms, wax worms, mousees or perch eyes.

    Contact: Sportsman's Warehouse (801-334-4000) in Riverdale, Utah.

    Lost Creek Reservoir

    Location: Northeast of Croydon, Utah, in Morgan County.

    Species: Rainbow trout.

    Spots: Most of the lake is good, but concentrate on points and near dam.

    Baits: Boogers, Whatta Crickets below a small jigging spoon and tipped with meal or wax worm or mousees.

    Contact: Hooked Fishing Tackle (801-497-9690) in Kaysville, Utah.

    Causey Reservoir

    Location: East of Huntsville, Utah, in Weber County.

    Species: Kokanee, splake, rainbow and cutthroat trout.

    Spots: Trout deep, kokes suspended.

    Baits: Rat Finkee and wax worm below a flashy attractor blade.

    Contact: Sportsman's Warehouse in Riverdale.

    Woodruff Reservoir

    Location: Approximately 9 miles west of Woodruff, Utah, in Rich County on Highway 39.

    Species: Cutthroat trout and mountain whitefish.

    Spots: Look for a sandbar approximately 75 yards out from the dam and also try the upper end near the inlet.

    Baits: Whatta Crickets (white) tipped with wax worms.

    Contact: Al's Sporting Goods (435-752-5151) in Logan, Utah.

    Strawberry Reservoir

    Location: 30 miles east of Heber City, Utah, on Highway 40.

    Species: Cutthroat and rainbow trout.

    Spots: Mud Creek, Strawberry Bay, Hawes Point, Renegade Bay, the Ladders, Chicken Creek, Soldier Creek (for more rainbows).

    Baits: One to 3-inch white, root beer, green or glow tube jigs tipped with nightcrawler, red shiner minnow or chub and a little Smelly Jelly in anchovy, crawdad or nightcrawler.

    Contact: Sportsman's Warehouse (801-818-2000) in Provo, Utah.

    Mantua Reservoir

    Location: 4 miles east of Brigham City, Utah, in Box Elder County.

    Species: Bluegill, perch, largemouth bass, cutthroat and rainbow trout.

    Spots: Anywhere on the south half of the reservoir.

    Look for pockets of deep water down to 14 feet (Caution! Beware of what the locals call "bubblers" — areas of extremely thin ice.

    If you see small holes, about 2 to 4 inches in diameter of open water, don't go near them.).

    Baits: Ratso, Rat Finkee, Boogers flavored with a wax worm or mousee.

    Contact: Sportsman's Warehouse in Riverdale.

    Bear Lake

    Location: Garden City, Utah, Rich County.

    Species: Cisco.

    Spots: Cisco Beach.

    Technique: Cut a big 4-foot hole and dip net the fish.

    Contact: Al's Sporting Goods.

    Rockport Reservoir

    Location: 2 miles south of Wanship, Utah, in Summit County.

    Species: Perch and rainbow trout.

    Spots: Southwest side for perch in 20 to 40 feet of water and the inlet area for 'bows in 10 to 20 feet of water.

    Bait: Whatta Crickets, boogers, ice flies with live grubs.

    Contact: Sportsman's Warehouse in Riverdale.

    Hyrum Reservoir

    Location: South side of Hyrum, Utah, in Cache County.

    Species: Rainbows, browns and perch.

    Spots: Near the dam along the beach area on the north side of the reservoir.

    Bait: Live grubs with ice jigs and a flashy spoon.

    Contact: Al's Sporting Goods.

    Willard Bay

    Location: 5 miles south of Brigham City on I-15, Box Elder County.

    Species: Crappie.

    Spots: North or south marinas.

    Baits: Tiny one-sixty-fourths to one-sixteenths-ounce jigs with some anchovy Smelly Jelly.

    Contact: Sportsman's Warehouse in Riverdale

    Huntington Reservoir

    Location: East of Fairview, Utah, on Highway 31, Sanpete County.

    Species: Tiger trout.

    Spots: Points near the dam in 15 to 35 feet of water.

    Baits: White jigs with meal worms or minnow pieces.

    Contact: Sportsman's Warehouse in Provo.

    Scofield Reservoir

    Location: 10 miles south of Colton, Utah, in Carbon County.

    Species: Cutthroat and rainbow trout.

    Spots: Near the island or out from the point near dam. Move around until you find fish.

    Watch sonar until you find fish moving through the area you're fishing. Fish are often found in 7 to 15 feet of water.

    Baits: 1 to 2-inch tube jigs, Whatta Crickets, Rat Finkees or Ratso's with a wax worm, meal worm, nightcrawler and some crawdad attractant.

    Contact: Sportsman's Warehouse in Provo.

    Echo Reservoir

    Location: Coalville, Utah, at junction of I-80 and I-84 in Summit County.

    Species: Perch, browns and rainbows.

    Spot: The northeast side in 15 to 40 feet of water.

    Baits: Ice jigs fished below jigging spoons tipped with a grub.

    Contact: Sportsman's Warehouse in Riverdale.

    Fish Lake

    Location: 20 miles northwest of Loa, Utah, in Sevier County.

    Species: Splake, rainbow trout, lake trout, and perch.

    Spots: Below the heart in the mountain and near the hunter in the woods, a couple of landmarks you can ask about at the Fish Lake Lodge on your way there.

    Baits: 1 to 2-inch tube jigs (white or pearl) with a piece of perch or chub meat or a live grub.

    Contact: Fish Lake Lodge (435-638-1000)

    Flaming Gorge

    Location: 40 miles north of Vernal, Utah, on Highway 44 on the Utah/Wyoming border.

    Species: Lake trout.

    Spots: Current Creek and Buckboard area on the Wyoming side.

    Baits: 3 to 4-inch tube jigs tipped with a minnow.

    Contact: Roger Schneidervin, DWR's Flaming Gorge project manager (435-885-3164).

    Pelican Reservoir

    Location: Approximately 25 miles southwest of Vernal, Utah, on Highway 88.

    Species: Bluegill and largemouth bass.

    Spots: All along the south side of the reservoir in 5 to 15 feet of water.

    Baits: Whatta Crickets, 1-inch tube jigs, Gitzits, with a wax worm or 'crawler.

    Contact: Basin Sports (435-789-2199) in Vernal.

    Southeast Idaho

    Devils Creek Reservoir

    Location: 9 miles north of Malad, Idaho, on I-15, Oneida County.

    Species: Rainbow trout.

    Spots: West side of the reservoir.

    Baits: Ice jigs and wax worms.

    Contact: Ace Hardware (208-232-8722) in Pocatello, Idaho.

    Daniels Reservoir

    Location: About 16 miles northwest of Malad on Elkhorn Road, Oneida County.

    Species: Rainbow trout.

    Spots: Work east side points.

    Baits: Artificials only, so chartreuse jigs, Swedish Pimples, gold angel jigs.

    Contact: Ace Hardware in Pocatello

    Crowthers Reservoir

    Location: North side of Malad.

    Species: Rainbow trout.

    Spots: Anywhere on the small lake.

    Baits: Ice jigs like Boogers, Whatta Crickets with wax worms.

    Contact: Ace Hardware in Pocatello

    Saint Johns Reservoir

    Location: 1 mile west and a mile north of Malad on St Johns Road.

    Species: Perch, bluegill, rainbows.

    Spots: Just about anywhere — it's another very small pond.

    Baits: Ice jigs with live grubs.

    Contact: Ace Hardware in Pocatello.

    Twin Lakes

    Location: 1½ miles east of Clifton, Idaho, Franklin County.

    Species: Largemouth bass, bluegill, perch, rainbow trout and crappie.

    Spots: Try southwest side for trout and south, east and north sides near the brush for panfish.

    Baits: Swedish Pimples, Ice jigs and grubs.

    Contact: Ace Hardware in Pocatello.

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