Scofield 'spotty' through early ice season

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    Though ice fishing isn't my favorite kind of angling, you still expect results when you daytrip to a quality fishery like Scofield Reservoir … key word: expect.

    After 217 miles at $2 a gallon, a day off from work and five hours of fishing, all two friends and I had to show was a 1½-pound rainbow for the grill.

    Estimating the cost of the 1½-pound fillet, I figure it ran us at least $30 just in gas.

    But we haven't been the only anglers finding tough angling on the central Utah fishery.

    "It's been spotty since it froze," said fishing associate Matt Muir at Sportsman's Warehouse (801-818-2000) in Provo on Jan. 10. He said most anglers are having a hard time at the lake off Highway 96, though one angler caught nice rainbows from 15 to 17 inches on a recent trip. Muir reports 12 to 14 inches of ice on the lake.

    On the scene

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    In early winter, Brad and Kyle Corbett joined me for a day on Scofield.

    Initially we set up in the dam area and drilled about a dozen holes in water ranging from 13 to 40 feet depths. We were running white, twin-tailed jigs tipped with a mealworm and gold-and-silver Kastmasters on the attractor set-ups as well as a twin-tailed chartreuse Power Grub.

    With no bites in the area, we began to drill more holes and move around, a common practice that would become the theme of the day.

    Popular spots

    The two points and the dam area were popular spots for the day, but there were only about a dozen anglers on the ice and nobody was getting bit.

    The northeast shoreline also saw about a dozen anglers, but it was slow for them as well. The only excitement came from a group of 10 or so that had driven their snowmobiles over to the northwestern shore, and it was obvious they were having some luck.

    After about 3 hours of moving, drilling and fish finding, we decided to try off the northern point leading to the dam channel.

    Nothing at all, not even a fish on the fish finder. By now we were desperate and started to try deeper water and even some really shallow water.

    The hole over 11 feet of water finally produced some action, but missed hooksets cost Brad a fish.

    Kyle then switched his rig to match Brad's and his location produced a bite. It was a decent rainbow and the boys decided to keep it for dinner. It was the only fish we brought in all day.

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