Who's Got Game? Midwest takes other species


Jerry McKinnis had a difficult time wrapping his head around it.

With Who's Got Game? polls completed on bass, trout, catfish and saltwater fishing, ESPNOutdoors.com asked readers which region has the best fishing for other species (i.e., bream, walleye, perch, pike, etc)?

McKinnis, who has been around the country fishing for most every species as host of "The Fishin' Hole," didn't think it was all that fair of a question.

He mentioned quality fishing in each region, and brought up other species for consideration. He wondered how, of the 992 votes, the Midwest won the poll with 47 percent. The Northwest was next with 278 votes for 28 percent, followed by the Southeast with 16 percent (158) votes and with 4 percent and 40 votes for the West and the Southwest.

"Panfishing would be really hard to pinpoint — they're everywhere and plentiful all over the place," said McKinnis, whose show was second only to "SportsCenter" for longevity on ESPN. "Crappie are more plentiful in the South by far. The best crappie fishing would have to be in Texas.

"If you try fishing for muskie and Pike anywhere but Minnesota and Wisconsin, you'd be crazy. Then there's stripers. They're really, really popular. They're really regional.

"Most of it is very regional. It's hard to zero on the Midwest as being the best region judging all the fish."

McKinnis does select a region as best for overall fishing, and we'll see on Wednesday how close the voters are to his choice.

Other species results:

Northeast 28 percent (278 votes) = 28 points

Midwest 47 percent (466 votes) = 47 points

Southeast16 percent (158 votes) = 16 points

West 4 percent (40 votes) = 4 points

Southwest 4 percent (40 votes) = 4 points

Total points:

Northeast 132 points

Midwest 141 points

Southeast 273 points

West 84 points

Southwest 64 points