Around the world in eighty months



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When ESPNOutdoors.com catches up with Fischer, he, a crew and his new vessel are docked in San Diego at a marina choked with sailboats, yachts and megayachts, the playthings of the privileged. One afternoon, a 236-foot-long floating city called Coral Island (the 50th largest yacht in the world, according to the latest list by Power & Motoryacht) pulls alongside the old crabbing boat (that's it on the far left). It was a reminder that while Fischer isn't hurting for cash — he counts among his sponsors Red Lobster, Toyota and most recently Dos Equis — he's still a medium fish on these seas.

"We play in the world of billionaires," he says.

"Most people, they don't look at it and understand what it can do," he adds, speaking of his boat. "They don't think, 'Oh, wow, there's a boat you could take around the world and fish any time and have the greatest fishing adventure of all time.' That doesn't pop into their heads."

Fischer Productions, now based out of Park City, Utah, has since 2001, been catching sea creatures for TV, mostly along the eastern Pacific Rim. Scoring this new ship changes his mission somewhat. Now, with the ability to tote his 45-foot Cabo (in the foreground), an inshore Triton rig, inflatable boats and a skiff to virtually any sea or coast on the planet, he's allowing himself to think less like a TV host and more like an explorer. For that, he has some profoundly good timing to thank.

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