Around the world in eighty months



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"You can see," Fischer says, "this is going to be more than just a fishing show."

It's unclear yet just what the expedition will become. The gear is in place, the boats are in place, the resources are aligned. That has Fischer, who serves on the board of the conservation-minded Billfish Foundation, dreaming of doing something not only profoundly fun, but just plain profound. He wants the record of this journey to enlighten human knowledge of pelagic species, to remind Americans of their Pacific history in World War II, and to show people around the world what is in the ocean, that they may take better care of it.

"We have an opportunity to make a global impact on the awareness of the world's oceans and our fishery stocks," he says. "Look, we're going to be here. We're on the planet. People love to eat fish. We can be some voice of reason in the middle, between the far right that says eat 'em all, and the far left that says you can't kill one. Maybe we can be a centralist message like, let's have a little common sense here. We can manage this in a sustainable manner."

Or, to cut straight to the chase: "You want to whack them at the rate they can sustain it."

"We have the vehicle to get that message out and have some awareness through our viewers," he says. "And now we have the vessel to get to places that no one's been able to show or measure their stocks."

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